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Senior Thesis Titles: 2014

Last Name First Name Major Class Adviser Title
Ackerman Dylan WWS 2014 Julian Zelizer A Green New Deal? Job Creation, Environmental Progress, and the american Recovery and Reinvestment Act
Balachandran Devika EEB 2014 Lars Hedin Does Denitrification control Agricultural Hitrate Export in the Mississippi Delta?
Beale Andrea GEO 2014  John Higgins Fluid Inclusions in Marine Halite as a Window into the Mg Isotopic Composition of Past Oceans
Bertasi Margaret HIS 2014 Emmanuel Kreike The Environmnetal Effects and Societal Change from Coal Use in 19th Century Britian
Bonnyman Isabel ANT 2014 Isabelle Clark-Deces Implications of Land Management and Development Policy in Bhutan: 1952-present
Calof Andrew CBE 2014 Denise Mauzerall A Feasability Analysis for Princeton Investing
Chan  Sean WWS 2014 Andrew Moravcsik The Digital City: Smart Cities, Gigabit Cities, and the Future of Urbanism
Chu Andrea EEB 2014 David Wilcove  Put a Bird on It: Exploring the Relationship Between Landscapes and Avifaunal Communities in Duisburg, Germany
Cochrane Margaret ANT 2014 John Borneman An Examination of the Social Construct of Environmental Conservation and the Influence of Authority on its Development in Northern Tanzania 
Craig  Sarah  WWS  2014 Keren Yarhi-Milo  A Case Study Analysis of the Role of Prestige in Nuclear Decision-making 
Davis  William EEB  2014 Steve Pacala Ecological and Fisheries Management Implications of Competition Between Red Snapper and Vermilion Snapper
Edelman Lauren CBE 2014 Eric Larson and Lin Loo Biomass Pyrolysis Pathways to Produce Low - Carbon Transportation Fuel
Gallagher  Clare  EEB  2014 Steve Pacala Influences of Reef Microstruture and Corallivory on Juvenile Scleractinian Coral Survival
Goodman  Sally  CEE  2014 Kelly Caylor and Mike Celia An Investigation of Groundwater Potential in the Timau River Basin, Kenya 
Grillo  Rafael  POL  2014 Alexander Ovodenko  Democracy & Sustainable Energy Transitions: The Role of Liberal Democratic Factors in Renewable Energy Policy and Technology Adoption 
Grossman  Gideon  MAE  2014 Dan Steingart  Design of a Low-cost Frequency Response Analyzer for Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy
Grove  Eddie  NES  2014 Jennifer Widner  Privtization, New Public Management, and Non-revenue Water in Jordan 
Gupta  Nitasha  EEB  2014 Andy Dobson  Malaria Then and Now: Plasmodium spp. Selective Pressure and alpha Globin Variation in Macaca fascicularis
Hall  Katarina  WWS  2014 David Kinsey There Must be a Catch: Resolving Inter-sectoral Conflict in the Alaskan Halibut Fishery 
Kasdin  Alexandra  EEB  2014 Rob Pringle  Effect of Experiences with Captive and Non-captive African Penguins (Spheniscus demersus) on Conservation Attitudes, Learning, and Behavior of Visitors 
Kurz  Emma  CHM  2014 Paul Chirik  The Synthesis, Characterization, and Evaluation of Novel Cobalt Compounds in the Metal Catalyzed-hydroboration of Olefins 
Macleod  Alexandra  EEB 2014 Andy Dobson A Survey of the Gastro-intestinal Parasites Infecting Macaca fascicularis and their Zoonotic Implications in Brunei Darussalam 
Mancenon  Carmina  ORF  2014 Jianqing Fan  The Startup Spring: Leveraging Public policy to Increase Capital Pools for Technology Startups in Turkey and Jordan 
Marsh  Julia  FIT  2014 Pietro Frassica  Environmental Crime in Campania, Italy: Organized Crime, Toxic Waste, and the Effects of Illegal Waste Disposal 
Martiney  Marielle  POL  2014 Alexander Ovodenko  Water Wars: Political Saliency of Water Conflicts in Bolivia 
McCall  Andrew  ECO  2014 Amy Craft  Policies to Promote Renewable Electricity Generation in the United States: An Empirical Analysis of the Total Social Cost of Renewable Portfolio Standards and Feed-in Tariffs 
McCoy  Eskender  EEB  2014 Bridget vonHoldt  Association Between social Rank and CpG(I) Methylation in Yellowstone Gray Wolves 
Mills  Alison  ARC  2014 Guy Nordenson  Interstate 0: A History and Theory of the Los Angeles River as Cultural and Urban Infrastructure
Moch  Stephen  WWS  2014 Michael Schartz Driving down Emissions: Improving the Environmetnal Efficacy of Federal Electric Vehicle Development Policy 
Nilles  Anna  ART  2014 Esther da Costa Meyer  Finis Ghetto? Architecture and the Afterlife of the Jewish Quarter in Prague
O'Brien  Maura  ART  2014  Martha Friedman and Rachel DeLue  Chrysalid 
Parker   Chelsea  EEB  2014  Dan Rubenstein  Vigilance Behavior in Plains Zebra (Equus burchelli); An Analysis of Group Size, Synchrony and the Implications of Tourism 
Partridge  Megan  CEE  2014 Eric Wood A Political Ecology of Water Governance and the Extractive Industries in Northern Chile
Ragg  Kellie  POL  2014  Jan Werner-Mueller  The Role of Public Opinion and Political  Opportunity Structure in Relation to Green Party Success
Rivera  Christian  EEB  2014  David Wilcove  Facing the 2013 Gold Rush: A Popular Viability Analysis for the Endangered White-lipped Peccary (Tayassu pecari) in Corcovado national Park, Costa Rica 
Rona  Tugba  ECO  2014 Smita Brunnermeier  An Unconventional Phenomenon: Quantitative Analysis of Economic Development Effects Accompanying North American Shale Oil and Gas 
Ryan  Kathleen  GEO  2014 Frederik Simons  An Integrated Geophysical Survey of the Polis Chrysochous Archaelogical Site using Ground-penetrating Radar, Magnetic, and Electrical-resistivity Methods 
Santillo  Amanda  ARC  2014 Mario Gandelsonas  [ECO]systemizing the City: Promoting a Multidisciplinary Discussion of Ecologically Sustainable Planning Strategies 
Serota  Nathan  GEO  2014  Jorge Sarmiento  Aerosols, Change Points, and the Evolving Land Carbon Sink 
Soh Beatrice CBE 2014 Howard Stone Wetting and Drying of Fibers
Southworth Alan GEO 2014 David Medvigy Updates to Leaf Respiration Parameterization: Assessing the Impact of Light Inhibition, Leaf Expansion, and a Warming Scenario for Carbon Budget Modeling
Steurer Dan CBE 2014 David Medvigy Impacts of Elevated Atmospheric CO2 on Temperate Forest Successional Dynamics: A Case Study of Duke Free-air CO2 Enrichment Site
Streater  Blair  EEB  2014  Dan Rubenstein  Vegetation and Feral Horse Dynamics of Shackleford Banks, North Carolina: A Comparative Analysis
Svennas  Katarina  CHM  2014  Martin Semmelhack  Novel Inhibitors of LuxO to control Quorum Sensing in Vibrio Species 
Tourgee  Amy  EEB  2014 Lars Hedin  No differences in Community Dominance of Nitrogen-fixing Plants Across the Savanna, Woodland and Forest Biomes of Brazil: A Meta-analysis 
Wang  Regina  EEB  2014 David Medvigy  A Species-specific approach to Predicating the Timing of Deciduous Leaf Emergence in the United States 
Wyman  Lauren  EEB  2014 Rob Pringle  Analyzing the Impact of a Dual Lizard Introduction on Orb-weaving Spider Communities in the Bahamas: An Experimantal Approach 
Yakubisin  Michelle  CBE  2014 Mark Zondlo  Characterizing Fugitive Methane Emissions in the Marcellus Shale Region Using Mobile Measurements 
Zhou  Alice  ECO  2014 Smita Brunnermeier  Ethanol Production and Changes in Land Use in the United States