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Senior Thesis Research Funding Requirements

The following materials must be included with the Senior Thesis Research Funding Application.

  • University transcript.

  • An itemized list of your expenses including the total amount of funds requested. Travel expenses should be clearly marked.

  • Project Statement: (Research Proposal) Attach a project statement of up to two, double-spaced, typed pages, beginning with brief summary (no more than 25 words) of your research question. This statement should describe your proposed research, the research methods employed, and the work accomplished to date. It should include an explanation of why travel is essential to your research, a precise description of how the funds will be used, a list of documents, archives or libraries to be used, and a brief bibliography.

  • Planned Itinerary: Indicate where you are going, what you plan to do and whom you will see at the research site. Indicate whether you have contacted the appropriate person at the research location for the necessary documents or archives.

  • Qualifications: Include languages, quantitative skills, course work or other training or skills which have prepared you for this research.

  • Students wishing to acquire a data set for their research must submit a letter from the appropriate Princeton librarian that states that the data set is not available at Princeton and will be of use to others in the future.

  • Faculty Recommendation: Ask the Princeton University faculty member who is your thesis adviser, or a faculty member familiar with your proposal, to prepare a detailed evaluation of your proposed research topic.

Terms and Conditions for Participation

If you are intending to travel as part of your research, please be aware that you must register your trip on the University Travel Database. In the event that you receive funding, instructions will be included in the email notifying you of your grant. Failure to register your trip will delay and/or nullify receipt of your grant.