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Former Field Research Projects: 2005

Last Name
First Name Major Class Adviser Proposal Title Fund
Barbrow Sara EEB 2005 Stephen W. Pacala Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Autotrophic Carbon
Isotope Signatures within a Temperate Lake
Bennett Lisa EEB 2005 Stephen W. Pacala Effect of Reproductive Status on Nitrogen Dynamics in Tachigali versicolor (Caesalpinieae). Hayes
Bensted Amy EEB 2005 Simon Levin Rocky Intertidal Community Interactions: Under What Conditions do Top-Down or Bottom-Up Forces Dominate? Dodge
Brown Alexandra EEB 2005 Andrew Dobson The Impact of Human Presence, Protected Areas, and Habitat Gradients on the Densities and Distributions of Large Mammal Wildlife Populations in the Tropical Forests of Republic of Congo and Gabon: A Multivariate Analysis of Michael Fay's MegaTransect Dodge
Ethier Valerie EEB 2005 Simon Levin Salmon Hatcheries in the Pacific Northwest: Problems and Potential. Hayes
Ewert David EEB 2005 Stephen W. Pacala Examination of Allometric Scaling Laws in North American Trees. Hayes
Gibson Lucas EEB 2005 David Wilcove Are Native Predators Endangering Prey Species in the Sierra Nevadas & Channel Islands of California? Two Cases Studies in Apparent Competition. Hayes
Graef Dana EEB 2005 Barbara Rosemary Grant The Life of the Forgotten (La Vida de los Olvidados): The Impact of Development on Environment and Tradition in the Boruca Indigenous Community of Costa Rica. Hayes
Grant Scott CHM 2005 Edward Stiefel The Medicinal CHM of Copper Regulation and the Properties of the Copper Chelators Tetrathiomolybdate and Tetrathiotungstate. Hayes
Green Nicole EEB 2005 Stephen W. Pacala Can Water Quality Conserve Biodiversity? Hayes
Griffiths Brea EEB 2005 James Gould Buzzing with Bees: Determining the Reliability of CO1 as a Molecular Taxonomic Tool within Apoidea. Hayes
Lee Jessica EEB 2005 Stephen Pratt Collective Decision-Making in the Ant Temnothorax curvispinosus in Nest Site Selection: The Effect of Urgency on Transport Behavior. Hayes
Lipman Margo SOC 2005 Devah Pager Obstacles at the Polls: The Struggle for Electoral Participation Equality Continues Hayes
Meng Kyle CEE 2005 Michael Celia Identifying Opportunities for Carbon Capture and Storage Demonstration Projects in China. Hayes
Miller Julia EEB 2005 Andrew Dobson Rinderpest Virus in the Serengeti Ecosystem. Hayes
Nayman Berke ECO 2005 Martin Cherkes Retail Banking and Deposit Growth: Is There A Success Formula? Hayes
Nemec Rebecca EEB 2005 Henry Horn Ecological Implications of Human Development on the North Slope Coastal Plain of Alaska: A Case Study of Glaucous gull (Larus hyperboreus) Use of the Barrow, Alaska Landfill. Hayes
Oberdoerster Uta EEB 2005 Peter Grant Every 17 Years: Three Studies on Periodical Cicadas Dodge
Ochoa-Frongia Lisa EEB 2005 Simon Levin Allelopathy or Community Resistance? The Puzzle of Allium Tricoccum and Microstegium Vimineum Hayes
Rushing Clark EEB 2005 Barbara Rosemary Grant The Effects of Beach Nourishment on Loggerhead Sea Turtle Nesting on Bald Head Island, NC Dodge
Ryder Alex EEB 2005 Andrew Dobson Cryptic Species Identified by Phylogenetic and Population Genetic Analyses of a Digenetic Trematode: Implications for Assessment of Parasite Community Structure and Evolution Hayes
Sack Coralynn EEB 2005 David Stern Sex and Death in the Male Pea Aphid, Acyrthosiphon pisum (Harris): The Life History Effects of Wing Dimorphism Hayes
Savard Michelle EEB 2005 Claire Kremen Sulfate and Nitrate Deposition to Balsam Fir: Measured Across an Elevational Gradient on Mt. Washington, White Mountains, New Hampshire Hayes
Sealfon Rebecca EEB 2005 Alan Mann Readapting to the Sea: The Carnassial and Molar Dentition of Contemporary and Extinct Mustelidae (Mammalia: Carnivora), Including Mustela Macrodon Dodge
Walsh Jonathan EEB 2005 Claire Kremen The Value of Native Bee Pollination to Bell Pepper (Capsicum annuum) Production in New Jersey Hayes
Whitty Tara EEB 2005 Daniel Rubenstein Parasite Loads in Zebras: The Influence of Sociality, Life History, and Ecology Dodge
Zwillinger Rachel GEO 2005 Satish Myneni The Behavior of Iodine in the Soil: An X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy Study Hayes