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The Internship Program

Internship program

The Internship Program offers Princeton undergraduates a unique opportunity to complement their academic interests with hands-on, engaging, independent research and project experiences through the summer months.

Students interested in exploring and expanding their knowledge of complex global environmental problems related to energy and climate, sustainable development in Africa, infectious disease and global health, and environmental sustainability are encouraged to apply.

Throughout the academic year, PEI hosts information sessions and participates in campus forums that offer insights into identifying suitable opportunities.

Broad Disciplinary Participation

Students pursuing majors in the natural sciences, engineering, humanities or social sciences disciplines will find internships in this program that allow them to delve deeper into their field of interest and gain hands-on experience in real-world settings. Such experiences may provide guidance into the selection of junior or senior independent research projects and inform future academic study or career choice.

Mentored Learning

Students are able to apply to one of  several established research positions or design their own student-initiated independent projects. Opportunities are available in faculty-led research groups, local and international NGOs, and non-profit, government, and industry enterprises. All positions are mentored by either Princeton faculty or by the faculty or professional staff of participating host organizations.

Carnegie to Cape Town

Assignments through the Internship Program stretch from the familiar neighborhood of Princeton University to far-flung villages worldwide. See examples of past internship assignments. Participating students receive an award to defray the cost of living and international travel for the duration of the internship, usually eight to ten weeks.

Community of Scholars

The culmination of the internship program, the Summer of Learning (SOL) Symposium, takes place on campus in the fall. During this event, students convene to share their insights and experiences with one another and faculty.

The SOL symposium ignites a productive dialog among students, faculty, and others, and creates a forum for exchanging information and ideas. As interns, students become part of an extended community of scholars, collaborating and working to address the critical environmental problems of today.

Alexandra Kasdin

"After my experiences in Kenya, I view environmental education as the most important aspect of conservation. As a result, I plan to spearhead environmental education efforts in the future.”

Alexandra Kasdin, 2014

Jason Warrington

"Thanks to this internship experience, I now have a better understanding of how for-profit business can fit into the environmental movement. It also solidified my intent on pursuing an environmentally-focused career."

Jason Warrington, 2013

Nicole Sato

"This internship allowed me to experience a university research environment; I now have a better understanding of the effort, frustration, but also the excitement, that comes along with any research project! This internship has provided me with experience for future academic research and has helped me decide which career path I will pursue.”

— Nicole Sato, 2014