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Meet PEI and Grand Challenges Past Interns: 2010


Garnet Abrams

Garnet Abrams, 2012
"I worked in a lab with several other students working on continued monitoring of Princeton University water quality." more >>

Christina Badracco

Christina Badaracco, 2012
Ecology and Evoutionary Biology
"I spent my time as a PEI intern in the Government Affairs division of Ocean Conservancy, in Washington, D.C." more >>

Barron Brooks

Brooks Barron, 2011
Woodrow Wilson School
"As an intern for EDF’s National Climate Campaign, I worked to support the passage of clean energy and climate legislation in the U.S. Congress." more >>

Sarah Bluher

Sarah Bluher, 2013
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
"I studied the effect of plankton bloom density on concentrations of mercury in Carnegie Lake." more >>

Engineers without borders

Nicole Businelli, 2013
Chemical Engineering
"I worked with a team of five Princeton students in Huamanzaña initiating the formation of a water committee to oversee maintenance of the water system." more >>

Aaron Cevallos

Aaron Cevallos, 2012
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
"I researched the effects of ocean acidification on coral reefs by comparing the buoyant weighing and alkalinity anomaly methods of measurement." more >>

Jeffrey Chaunjay

Chuanjay Jeffrey Chen, 2013
Molecular Biology
"My internship with BIOS focused on using a genomics approach to study sea urchin longevity." more >>

David Chen

David Chen, 2013
"My internship with BIOS focused on using a genomics approach to study sea urchin longevity." more >>

Eleanor Elbert

Eleanor Elbert, 2012
Art History
"I worked with Oceana on their campaign to ban offshore drilling in Belize, a country that is especially invested in the health of its pristine coast." more >>

Engineers without borders

Barbara Hendrick, 2012
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
"I worked with a team of five Princeton students in Huamanzaña initiating the formation of a water committee to oversee maintenance of the water system." more >>

Jennifer Keely

Jennifer Keeley, 2011
"My summer internship, funded by PEI and facilitated by Princeton in Asia, was a position in the communications department of the International Organization RECOFTC – the Center for People and Forests." more >>

Summer interns

Wendy Lang, 2013
Chemical Engineering
"Ten Princeton undergraduate students traveled to Hunan province in China this past summer to teach in an English immersion program for college students at Jishou University’s Normal College in Jishou, Hunan." more >>

Kristie Liao

Kristie Liao, 2013
"This summer, I performed research for a pilot energy-related initiative that Isles plans to conduct beginning in the fall of 2010." more >>

Elizabeth O'Grady

Elizabeth O'Grady, 2012
Civil and Environmental Engineering
"As part of the Isles Environment and Community Health team, I helped care for the children's garden and the nine other Isles' gardens throughout Trenton." more >>

Sarah Plummer

Sarah Plummer, 2012
Chemical Engineering
"At the National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics, I researchedmethods of aquifer recharge in the Friuli-Venezia Giullia region." more >>

Erin Sherman

Erin Sherman, 2011
Psychology Major
"At Earth Work and Play, I worked on a huge variety of projects this summer. " more >>

James Smit

James Smits, 2012
"At the Primary Industries and Climate Change Center at the University of Melbourne, I investigated water-trading markets in the Murray Darling-Basin, the major food bowl of Australia." more >>

Engineers without borders

Hank Song, 2011
"I worked with a team of five Princeton students in Huamanzaña initiating the formation of a water committee to oversee maintenance of the water system." more >>

Alice Suh

Alice Suh, 2012
Civil and Environmental Engineering
"At D&R Greenway Land Trust, I worked with the directors of stewardship on various land preserves in central New Jersey to build and preserve flourishing, healthy, native ecological communities." more >>

Marcus Theus

Marcus Theus, 2012
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
"At Dining Services, I worked with the purchasing department to update the database of the University’s total sustainable food purchases for the 2009-2010 school year." more >>

Alana Tornello

Alana Tornello, 2012
Comparative Literature
"This summer I helped with a pre-restoration assessment of Washington Road stream and Carnegie Lake." more >>

Hoang Tran

Hoang Tran, 2012
Woodrow Wilson School
"At the Environmental Protection Agency, I assisted lawyers and civil investigators on various cases." more >>

Peter Tzeng, 2011
Woodrow Wilson School
"This summer, I interned at the Natural Resources Defense Council in Beijing focusing on carbon capture and storage, smart growth, and rare earth mining." more >>

Lily Yu

Lily Yu, 2012
"At the Research School of Earth Sciences, I used the gravity field models developed by GRGS to graph the change in gravity signal." more >>

Solomon Abiola

Solomon Abiola, 2012
"I helped to develop an atmospheric pollution monitoring sensor module that would allow deployment on a UAV platform." more >>

Raheel Anwar

Raheel Anwar, 2012
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
"This summer I studied the phytoplankton algae, Thalassiosira weissflogii, and how ocean acidification is affecting the growth of this algae." more >>

Dana Butnariu

Dana Butnariu, 2013
Computer Science
"I developed an application at PU that would dynamically load balance client requests across data centers to lower energy demands and costs." more >>

Owen Coyle

Owen Coyle, 2012
"Using mesocosms, we studied the effects of a simulated high organic material flux on the microbial communities in Chesapeake Bay sediment." more >>

Daniel Dix

Daniel Dix, 2012
Operations Research and Financial Engineering
"At the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, I studied the history and development of nuclear fission in the mid-1900s." more >>

Samuel Dresner

Samuel Dresner, 2013
Chemical Engineering
"My project at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences attempted to elucidate the role of zooplankton in the Sargasso Sea nitrogen cycle." more >>

Amy Gobel

Amy Gobel, 2012
"My internship at BIOS focused on understanding how anthropogenic nitrogen fixation affects nitrogen deposition to the North Atlantic Ocean." more >>

Carolyn Hartzell

Carolyn Hartzell, 2011
Electrical Engineering
"At United Solar, I ran experiments on a solar simulator to optimize its performance and yield results that correspond more closely to the solar spectrum." more >>

Yuting Haung

Yuting Huang, 2012
"At MIRTHE, we built a MATLAB program to remotely monitor a quantum cascade laser and assess light output instability." more >>

Sofia Izmailov

Sofia Izmailov, 2011
"I focused on designing optimal molecular scale solar antennas." more >>

Lavanya Jose

Lavanya Jose, 2012
Computer Science
"I helped develop tools for monitoring traffic on computer networks and created a power-efficient algorithm for identifying hierarchical heavy hitters." more >>

Karen Krieb

Karen Krieb, 2012
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
"At Climate Central, I debunked two top myths about climate change by researching and writing scientific scripts and producing two short videos in Final Cut." more >>

Steve Kuei

Steve Kuei, 2012
Chemical and Biological Engineering
"This summer, I studied the use of various substrates for optimizing the development of organic solar cells." more >>

Zoe Li

Zoe Li, 2012
Molecular Biology
"Our team of four Princeton students designed and installed a 2 kW solar power system to the Amputee Clinic in Koidu, Sierra Leone." more >>

Megan McNulty

Meghan McNulty, 2011
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
"I worked on the Implementation of a 2 kW solar panel system at a rural health clinic in Kono, Sierra Leone, for the Global Action Foundation." more >>

Stephanie Noble

Stephanie Noble, 2012
Chemical Engineering
"I helped design and optimize a multi-stage, energy-efficient hydrogen pump." more >>

Okan Okutgen

Okan Okutgen, 2011
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
"Working at Alta Terra Research allowed me to look at renewable energy from a non-engineering point of view and learn the wider field of green business." more >>

Kirsten Parratt

Kirsten Parratt, 2013
Chemical Engineering
"This summer I tested fullerene derivatives for their usefulness in organic solar cells." more >>

Zoe Li

Henry Rounds, 2011
"Our team of four Princeton students designed and installed a 2 kW solar power system to the Amputee Clinic in Koidu, Sierra Leone." more >>

Gavin Schlissel

Gavin Schlissel, 2013
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
"I spent my internship investigating problems with wood gas filtration with Professor Robert Dibble at UC Berkeley" more >>

Katherine Song

Katherine Song, 2011
Electrical Engineering
"At the Palo Alto Research Center, I helped characterize two types of non-traditionally structured solar cells: organic bulk heterojunction and silicon nanowire cells." more >>

Laszlo Szocs

Laszlo Szocs, 2013
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
"I participated in laboratory studies of atmospheric boundary layer dynamics with the aim of improving climate models." more >>

Haley Rae Thompson

Haley Thompson, 2011
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
"I worked to determine biomass availability and transportation costs to several proposed coal and biomass plant sites in the Western United States." more >>

Kathleen Wade

Kathleen Wade, 2011
Woodrow Wilson School
"I worked alongside U.S. climate negotiators researching a range of topics from carbon finance to deforestation to multi-lateral climate partnerships." more >>

Sami Yabroudi

Sami Yabroudi, 2011
Electrical Engineering
"I worked to develop energy allocation control algorithms for hybrid energy storage." more >>

Neal Yuan

Neal Yuan, 2011
Molecular Biology
"I helped to install solar panels in a Sierra Leone amputee clinic with the aim of eliminating the unsustainable costs of using a diesel generator." more >>

Charles Zhang

Charles Zhang, 2013
Electrical Engineering
"At Princeton University, I helped to optimize the thermal properties of quantum cascade lasers through modeling experiments." more >>

Chenyu Zheng

Chenyu Zheng, 2012
"During my internship, I helped to coordinate the China Energy Forum, the first public international energy conference co-hosted with a Chinese government agency." more >>

Katie Brite

Kathleen Brite, 2013
"At the University of Dar es Salaam, I focused on foreign aid and the value of empowering citizens to change their circumstances." more >>

Brittany Cessarini

Brittany Cesarini, 2012
Woodrow Wilson School
"In Tanzania, I learned of how well NGOs are able to meet the needs of HIV/AIDS victims and their families who are forced to care for them at home." more >>

Jeremy Chen

Jeremy Chen, 2011
Civil and Environmental Engineering
"I worked on the Kalahari Transect in western Botswana at a series of research sites that span a rainfall gradient. " more >>

Allison Gocke

Alison Gocke, 2013
"At Rhodes University, I assisted with the investigation of alien species invasion in the river systems of South Africa." more >>

Diana Lam

Diana Lam, 2012
"I collected data for a project aimed at mapping aquatic life within the Mafia Island Marine Park on Mafia Island, Tanzania." more >>

Kathleen LaRow

Kathleen LaRow, 2012
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
"Working for Frontier as a research assistant, I dove to conduct marine surveys which looked at the quantity and types of reef fish, coral, and invertebrates on twenty-five meter transects." more >>

Michelle Lau

Michelle Lau, 2012
Civil and Environmental Engineering
"This summer, I researched the effects of climate change on crop yields and biodiversity in South Africa." more >>

Ben Levenson

Benjamin Levenson, 2013
"This summer I worked on a research project with Professor Aldin Mutembei revolving around development in Tanzania." more >>

Elanor Meegoda

Eleanor Meegoda, 2012
Woodrow Wilson School
"Working with CCI allowed me to experience different types of development strategies and learn about the challenges and successes of each." more >>

Rodrigo Munoz Rogers

Rodrigo Munoz Rogers, 2012
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
"This project in Botswana sought to understand the distribution and dynamics of below ground carbon in savannas." more >>

Ruthie Nachmany

Ruthie Nachmany, 2012
"My project at the International Water Management Institute focused on evaluating scientific communication in the developing world." more >>

No photo

Sarah Stroud, 2012
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
"At an Earthwatch research center, I walked line transects and did total counts from a vehicle on th Grevy's Zebra population in the area." more >>

Alejandro Zuniga

Alejandro Zuniga, 2012
Molecular Biology
"At Rhodes University, I analyzed the impact of invasive catfish on invertibrate populations used as food." more >>

Sheila Agiti

Sheila Agiti, 2011
"My summer project was mainly assisting with the proposal writing team for the Global Fund for the fight against Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria." more >>

Neha Bansal

Neha Bansal, 2011
"At the Infanta Malaria Prevention Foundation, I facilitated community health outreach programs throughout Ghana that focused on malaria education, treatment, and prevention." more >>

Angela Caruso

Angelina Caruso, 2012
"At Human Rights Watch, I assisted with research initiatives about transgender health, palliative care, lead poisoning, drug rehabilitation programs, and HIV treatment access." more >>

Courtney Crumpler

Courtney Crumpler, 2013
"I carried out a research project with ABIA’s Companhia da Saúde, a group of adolescent performers who use street theater to present messages of AIDS prevention." more >>

Allison Daminger

Allison Daminger, 2012
"In Huamanzaña, Peru, I explored connections between the rural Peruvian diet and health in the region, and determined some of the cultural, educational, and practical factors shaping their food choices over time." more >>

No photo

Sarina Dutta, 2011
"I assisted with the Philani Mentor Mother intervention program addressing HIV/AIDS and malnutrition in context with many other local issues related to health and poverty." more >>

Ameer Ebuluk

Ameer Elbuluk, 2013
"My project centered on helping the Foundation for International Medicine Relief for Children decide whether or not to continue to see adult patients in its Costa Rica clinic site." more >>

Raphael Frankfurter

Raphael Frankfurter, 2013
" I conducted a mental-health needs assessment of civil war amputees, with the goal of developing a psychosocial program for the Global Action Foundation." more >>

Eden Full

Eden Full, 2013
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
"I had the opportunity to do ceramic water filtration research while installing two solar charging stations in the Kenya villages." more >>

Derek Gideon

M. Derek Gideon, 2012
Comparative Literature
"I carried out research on the effectiveness of REPACTED's programs in the informal sector workplace." more >>

Jonathan Hezghia

Jonathan Hezghia, 2013
"The overarching theme for my project was to target water and food in order to help the inhabitants of Las Delicias, El Salvador live a more healthy lifestyle." more >>

Kulani Jalata

Kulani Jalata, 2012
"At the Global Action Foundation, I researched the new HIV/AIDS outreach program and the impact home-based care makes on treating people living with HIV/AIDS." more >>

No photo

Erica Leavitt, 2011
"At Resources for the Future, I was able to develop a substantial research project investigating the social welfare impacts of suggested retail prices." more >>

Edward Lee

Edward Lee, 2012
"At the Instituto de Salud, I helped with analyzing the mechanism of action of a CCR5 antagonist (Maraviroc) and the mechanism of resistance to this drug." more >>

Joseph Park

Joseph Park, 2013
Molecular Biology/Anthropology
"At the University of Kansas Medical Center, I contributed to a working research paper by performing biostatistical analysis and gathering data in spreadsheets." more >>

Nisha Rao

Nisha Rao, 2012
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
"I worked on a fluoride filtration project experimenting with combinations of clay, flour, and hydroxyapatite." more >>

Olaf Sakkers

Olaf Sakkers, 2011
"At the Zithulele Hospital in South Africa, my research focused on understanding the interaction between religion at the hospital and the treatment and recovery of patients who are HIV positive." more >>

No photo

Yuna Sakuma, 2011
Woodrow Wilson School
My project was on the correlation between pollution levels and hospitalizations in Taiyuan City, China, and I will continue the project as my senior thesis this coming year. more >>

Joongyu Song

Joongyu Song, 2013
"At REPACTED Kenya, I helped survey a target audience in an attempt to analyze the effectiveness of outreach in actually bringing about behavior change." more >>

Ben Stone

Benjamin Stone, 2011
"At the Infanta Malaria Prevention Foundation, I tested and treated women and children for malaria and distributed insecticide-treated bed nets for prevention." more >>

No photo

Lova Sun, 2011
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
"At the Princeton Environmental Institute, I did statistical research on national datasets of antibiotic prescription and antibiotic resistance data." more >>

Emily Trautner

Emily Trautner, 2011
"At the Global Fund, I read through all proposals that were approved for health systems strengthening funding and summarized the type of intervention that was funded and coded for several other factors" more >>

Alan Utria

Alan Utria, 2011
Molecular Biology
"At Nkanyiso, I helped with implementing the garden programs, procuring grants, and researching and writing educational packets about the importance of nutrition assistance in response to HIV/AIDS." more >>

Sojung Yi

Sojung Yi, 2012
"At Nkanyiso, I helped with implementing the garden programs, procuring grants, and researching and writing educational packets about the importance of nutrition assistance in response to HIV/AIDS." more >>