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Welcome from Lars Hedin, Director of the Environmental Studies Program

Lars Hedin, ENV Program Director

Issues of the environment are becoming part of everyone’s lives. No matter where your future takes you – in the world of business, in public service, in education, or in local communities – you will be asked to understand problems and opportunities as they relate to the environment. Many, if not most, of the greatest challenges facing your generation are inextricably linked to issues of the environment: the energy system, our food production system, and health and sustainability around the globe.

The Program in Environmental Studies (the ENV Program, for short) is designed to offer learning opportunities for Princeton students interested in a range of environmental questions and concerns. Our program is interdisciplinary. It integrates knowledge and approaches across diverse disciplines including the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and engineering. Students can learn about a broad range of environmental issues and can delve deeply into a particular field of interest. Our program is flexible. We involve students from a range of backgrounds with as many as 25 different majors currently represented in the ENV experience. Our program offers a unique balance between traditional classroom learning and hands-on research opportunities, internships, and independent work in settings on campus and around the globe.

Finally, the ENV Program is continuously evolving to address timely and relevant issues such as climate change and the energy system, sustainable food systems, biodiversity, water resources, and infectious disease. You can also inform yourself about the link between environmental problems and policy solutions.

The ENV Program is your opportunity to educate yourself about the importance of environmental issues in the world and in your future. We have designed the program so you can customize it to fit your own background and interests. You may decide to give yourself a broad background by enrolling in the General Track of study, or focus your attention on a particular environmental issue about which you feel most passionate through one of the Specialized Tracks. 

I encourage you to use the website to learn about the many exciting educational opportunities available through the ENV Program and the Princeton Environmental Institute. Please feel free to introduce yourself, to ask questions, and to challenge us with your thoughts and ideas. Most of all, we invite you to get involved!

Lars Hedin