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Welcome from Kelly Caylor, Director of the Environmental Studies Program

Kelly Caylor
Kelly Caylor, ENV Program Director

Our environment is changing, and these changes pose challenges that will reverberate across our society, culture, and technology over the coming decades. Students in the Environmental Studies (ENV) program are prepared to understand, manage, and adapt to these changes and to identify emerging opportunities for planetary prosperity. Regardless of your major, a certificate in Environmental Studies will provide you with new tools and insights that will benefit you throughout your professional life.

The ENV program is a place to fuel your passions. The Certificate program is housed within the Princeton Environmental Institute, a world-renown center of environmental scholarship and teaching, with leading faculty drawn from across campus. Conducting your independent and senior thesis work within the Environmental Studies program will give you an opportunity to define - and implement - a personalized program of exploration into the most urgent issues facing the world today. Our program intentionally seeks to integrate traditional disciplinary divides, allowing you access to emerging fields such as the sustainability of our global food system, the aesthetics of environmental change, the epistemology of environmental stewardship, and the erosion of environmental health.

The ENV program is also a place to begin a life-long journey into a variety of professions. Obtaining an ENV Certificate is a statement about both the depth of your environmental interests and the breadth of your expertise. If you are majoring in the natural sciences, our program can give you a greater appreciation of how social and cultural forces increasingly act to shape the fundamentals of environmental dynamics. If your focus is in the social sciences and humanities, then ENV can provide you with unique insight into the ongoing hydrological, ecological, and biogeochemical transformations that define the health of humanity and our planet. Finally, if you are studying topics in engineering and policy, an ENV Certificate could allow you to define solutions - both technological and institutional - that embrace the inherently multi-disciplinary nature of our changing environment.

Finally, The ENV Program provides a sense-of-place and community for engagement not only for students, faculty and staff, but also for our alumni. As Director of the Environmental Studies program, I firmly believe that recognizing the challenges and realizing the opportunities arising from our ongoing planetary transformation is the fundamental challenge of our time. Therefore, my goal as Director is to provide you with the necessary courses, research opportunities, internships, and independent work that will give you the confidence and competency to meet this challenge throughout your personal and professional life. I encourage you to use the website to learn about the many exciting educational and research opportunities available through the ENV Program and the Princeton Environmental Institute. And I encourage you to introduce yourself, to ask questions, and to challenge me, other faculty, and fellow students with your thoughts and ideas. Most of all, I invite you to get involved!