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PIIRS Global Seminars

PIIRS Global Seminars offer undergraduates new opportunities and incentives to explore the international dimensions of their academic interests, build skills and become global citizens. Each seminar, open to 12 to 15 freshmen, sophomores and juniors, is led by Princeton faculty who have created a unique, six-week program of study that can only be fully experienced by traveling to the city and country at the heart of its subject matter. Daily lectures by seminar faculty and guests, daily language classes, weekend excursions to sites relevant to the course and community service make up the course prospectus. Summer internships can sometimes be added to the seminars for a truly unique international experience.

PIIRS Global Seminars were launched in 2007 with the collaboration of the Office of International Programs in an effort to increase study abroad opportunities for Princeton undergraduates, while encouraging service. To date, more than 600 undergraduates have participated in summer seminars in locations such as Africa, East Asia, South Asia, Europe, the Near East and South America.

PIIRS Global Seminars are made possible in part by the generous contributions of alumni and friends through the Aspire campaign (2008–12) and through ongoing efforts of the Office of Development.

“PIIRS Global Seminars are brilliant learning experiences. Taught by some of Princeton’s best faculty and sited in unforgettable locales, they enable students to inhabit the cultures and environments that they study. The results are magical, generating insights, inspiring interests and forging connections that will last a lifetime. I wish that every Princeton student could take a global seminar—indeed, I wish that I could take one myself!”  
                                                — Christopher L. Eisgruber, President, Princeton University

Exploring the Global Ghetto: Global Seminar in Rome, Venice, and Krakow

Taught by Mitchell Duneier (Princeton University) and Alice Goffman GS ’10 (University of Michigan)



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