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Panel on Terrorist Attacks in Paris Compared Globally
Princeton professors and Parisian journalist Philippe Lancon compare the recent tragic events in Paris, with other areas of the world where terrorism has struck.
Paris Is Not Alone: A Roundtable on the Terror Attacks
A panel has been assembled to address the terrorist attacks in Paris on November 13 that killed at least 129 people in four separate incidents. Open to the public, the panel discussion will be held Friday, November 20 at noon in 219 Aaron Burr Hall.
Visiting Scholar Benoit Pelopidas Shares His Findings on “The Closest We Came to Nuclear War"
Benoit Pelopidas, a visiting scholar in the PIIRS Global Systemic Risk Research Initiative at PIIRS, recently presented “The Closest We Ever Came to Nuclear War: New Insights in the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis and the 1995 Black Brant Event,” a fascinating topic he continues to research extensively.
Q&A: What's the Impact of Ending China's One-Child Policy?
The Chinese government announced today that it will abandon its controversial one-child policy, allowing families to have two children. We spoke with Yu Xie, the director of the Center for Contemporary China.
PIIRS Global Seminars Celebrate 10th Anniversary With a Great Line-up of Seminars for Summer 2016
This year marks the 10th anniversary since the inception of the PIIRS Global Seminars which began in 2007 with a trip to Vietnam and a handful of students eager to experience an area they’d only previously read about in textbooks. What are we planning for Summer 2016?
Ekaterina Pravilova Wins Two Book Prizes
Professor of History Ekaterina Pravilova has recently been honored with two major prizes for her recent book A Public Empire: Property and the Quest for the Common Good in Imperial Russia.
Orbán’s police state by Kim Lane Scheppele
REEES Faculty Associate Kim Lane Scheppele, the Laurance S. Rockefeller Professor of Sociology and International Affairs in the Woodrow School and the University Center for Human Values, recently penned an article in Politico on Hungary’s crackdown on refugees and how it tactics are shredding the value of democracy.
Yu Xie, the Bert G. Kerstetter '66 University Professor of Sociology and the Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies(PIIRS), has been named the inaugural director of the Center on Contemporary China at Princeton University.
Xie joined the faculty Aug. 1 after 26 years at the University of Michigan, most recently as a professor of sociology, professor of statistics, professor of public policy and a research professor in the Population Studies Center at Michi
Interested in learning more about PIIRS Global Seminars?
Four undergraduate students were recently awarded scholarships through the Monty Raiser ’92 Fund for their proposed work in Russian studies. They are Olivia Bowins, Mary Dwyer, Joana Li and Alexandra Markovich.