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“Empires” Research Community Invites Applications for Postdoctoral Position
The PIIRS Research Community on “Empires: Domination Collaboration and Resistance” invites applications for one postdoctoral research associate position for the 2015–16 academic year.
Globalization and the Social Sciences
How have global processes and global histories shaped the social sciences?
Unpacking Derrida's Library: Secrets of the Archive
The symposium was created to honor the tenth anniversary of the death of French-Algerian philosopher, Jacques Derrida.
Professor David Bellos (center) with students from PIIRS Global Seminar in Geneva.
A country with not one, but four national languages, might encounter a host of communications challenges. Yet Switzerland, having French, German, Italian and Romansch as its official languages, handles its multilingualism remarkably well and why it was chosen as the ideal location to host one of this summer’s PIIRS Global Seminars.
PIIRS Invites Applications for World Politics Fellowship
PIIRS invites applications for a World Politics visiting scholar for the 2015–16 academic year. The position is sponsored by the Institute’s scholarly journal World Politics and is intended to foster research and writing suitable for publication in the journal.
Are There Enduring Effects of Communism, or Is It Kaput? Two Princeton Professors Set Out to Determine Its Historical Legacy
Two passionate professors dive into post-communist politics in their new book, Historical Legacies of Communism in Russia and Eastern Europe, a collection of 11 essays written by notable scholars in the field and edited by Princeton's Mark Beissinger and Stephen Kotkin.
Q&A: Stephen Kotkin on Ukraine
The John P. Birkelund ’52 Professor in History and International Affairs at the Woodrow Wilson School and acting director of REES, Stephen Kotkin discusses Ukraine's current events and what they may mean for the country's future.
Documentary Filmmaking in Kenya: The Art of Science Storytelling
"Documentary Filmmaking in Kenya: The Art of Science Storytelling" will be taught at the Mpala Research Center in Kenya from June 24 to August 1. It is led by Su Friedrich, professor of Visual Arts in the Lewis Center for the Arts, and Katie Carpenter ’79, documentary film producer.
Five undergraduates win Monty Raiser '92 Fund grants, administered by the Program in Russian and Eurasian Studies:  Benjamin Kalinsky '14, Morgan Nelson '15, Linnea Paseiro '14, Fabiola Pina '15, and Jake Robertson '15.
Gordin illuminates history through the overlooked and unexplored
Professor Michael Gordin illuminates the history of science and language by exploring the overlooked, the misunderstood and the unusual.

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