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Two fellowships for undergraduates offered by research community on Global Risk

Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies Research Community on Global Systemic Risk

Undergraduate Fellowships for Sophomores and Juniors

Application Deadline:: December 6, 2013


The PIIRS research community on Global Systemic Risk invites applications for two (2) undergraduate fellowships, beginning spring 2014.

During the academic year, Fellows will be involved with the activities and research projects of the Global Systemic Risk research community as paid research assistants (up to $500).  Additionally, each Fellow will receive up to $5000 in summer funding (summer following the junior year) toward senior thesis research.  Fellows will be selected through a competitive application process.  Successful candidates will have an interest in the work of the research community, as described below.  Fellowships could be renewed for one year.

The PIIRS Research Community on Global Systemic Risk

The interdependence of massive global networks and structures has caused systemic risk to increase exponentially in recent times. Tangible risks—in systems as diverse as energy exploration and production, electricity transmission, computer networks, healthcare, food and water supplies, transportation networks, commerce, and finance—now threaten global political, economic, and financial systems that affect citizens of every nation. As a result, the study of risk has the potential to become an important and influential academic and policy field. The PIIRS Global Systemic Risk research community focuses on the robustness and fragility of global human-made organizational systems and is concerned with risks that have short- to medium-term likelihood and consequences.

The Global Systemic Risk research community is an interdisciplinary project directed by professors and scholars from 19 academic departments and programs:




Civ. & Env. Engineering



Computer Science

History of Science

Center for Econ. & Policy Studies

East Asian Studies


Center for Info. Tech. Policy

Ecology & Evol. Biology


Humanities Council



Woodrow Wilson School




Undergraduates from any academic field who are planning a research focus on aspects of global systemic risk are encouraged to apply. For more information on fellowship requirements and application details, contact Jayne Bialkowski ( or visit: the research community on Global Systemic Risk Web page.

Click here for the application.