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Symposium to examine empire and the social sciences

A symposium on “Empire and the Social Sciences,” will be held on Friday, March 28, 2014, from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., in 219 Aaron Burr Hall, at Princeton University. The event is sponsored the Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies’ research community on Empires: Domination, Collaboration, and Resistance.

**Media who would like to attend should RSVP by March 27, 2014, to Jayne Bialkowski at mailto:jayne@princeton.eduor 609-258-2635**

The symposium examines how the experience of making and observing empires shaped the modern social sciences is comprised of three panels. The first, “Political Economy,” begins at 10a.m., and features Sophus Reinert, Harvard University; Margarita Fajardo, Princeton University; Alexis Dudden, University of Connecticut; Fidel Tavarez, Princeton University; and David Ekbladh, Tufts University. Sebastian Conrad, Freie Universität, Berlin, will be the commentator.

The second panel, “Imperial Classifications,” begins at 1 p.m., and features Alessandro Stanziani, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales; Matthew Erie, Princeton University; Paul Kramer, Vanderbilt University; Helen Tilley, Northwestern University; and Shellen Xiao Wu, University of Tennessee. The commentator is Rachel Price, Princeton University.

The third panel, “Global Order,” begins at 3:30 p.m., and features John Hobson, University of Sheffield; Emmanuel Szurek, Princeton University; Diana Kim, Harvard University; and Joshua Derman, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Jeremy Adelman, Princeton University, will serve as commentator.

The research community on Empires: Domination, Collaboration, and Resistance, is codirected by Adelman, Walter Samuel Carpenter III Professor in Spanish Civilization and Culture, professor of history, director of the Council for International Teaching and Research, and chair of the Fund for Canadian Studies; G. John Ikenberry, Albert G. Milbank Professor of Politics and International Affairs and codirector of both the Center for International Security and the Princeton Project on National Security; and Atul Kohli, David K. E. Bruce Professor of International Affairs , professor of politics and international affairs, and codirector of the Project on Democracy and Development.

For more information contact Jayne Bialkowski, or 609-258-2635.