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Communicating Uncertainty: Science, Institutions, and Ethics in the Politics of Global Climate Change

Workshop on the Ethics of Risk and Climate Change

April 12-13, 2013

219 Aaron Burr Hall

Marc Fleurbaey, Robert E. Kuenne Professor in Economics and Humanistic Studies, Princeton University
Melissa Lane, Professor of Politics, Princeton University
Stéphane Zuber,  CNRS (CERSES) and visiting associate research scholar at PIIRS this spring 


April 12  Chair: Harold Shapiro, Princeton University
8:30 a.m. Welcome
8:45-10 a.m.
  Discussant: Scott Barrett, Columbia University
10:15-11:30 a.m.
Models-as-Usual for Unusual Risks? On the Value of Catastrophic Climate Change
Antoine Bommier, ETH Zurich; Bruno Lanz, ETH Zurich; Stéphane Zuber, Centre de  Recherche Sens, Ethique et Societe
  Discussant: Marc Fleurbaey, Princeton  University
11:45-1 p.m. Discounting, Risk, and Inequality: A General Approach
Marc Fleurbaey, Princeton University, and Stéphane Zuber, Centre de Recherche Sens, Ethique et Societe
  Discussant: Stephen Pacala, Princeton University
1 p.m. Lunch
2-3:15 p.m. When (If Ever) Is It Ethical (or at Least Appropriate) to Tell "the Truth, Nothing but the Truth, but Not Necessarily the Whole Truth" to the Public?
Gary Yohe, Wellesley College
  Discussant: Stéphane Zuber, Centre de Recherche Sens, Ethique et Societe
3:30-4:45 Is it Ethical to Use a Single Probability Density Function?
Robert Lempert, Pardee RAND Graduate School
  Discussant: Elke Weber, Columbia University
5-6:15 p.m. Policy Panel
Moderator: Robert Keohane, Princeton University
  Panelists: Maarten K. van Aalst, Red Cross Climate Center, Netherlands; Leah Cohen, Office ofthe Mayor, New York City; Michael Oppenheimer, Princeton University
April 13 Chair: Robert Socolow, Princeton University
8:45-10 a.m. Prioritarianism and Climate Change
Mathew Adler, Duke University
  Discussant: Alex Voorhoeve, London School of Economics and Political Science
10:15-11:30 a.m. On the Sensitivity of International Cooperation to Uncertainty about Climate Change
Scott Barrett, Columbia University
  Discussant: Johannes Urpelainen, Columbia University
11:45-1 p.m. The Ethics of Scientific Communication under Uncertainty
Roberty Keohane, Princeton University; Melissa Lane, Princeton University; Michael Oppenheimer, Princeton  University
  Discussant: Thomas Hale, University of Oxford
1 p.m. Lunch
2-3:15 p.m. Science Panel
Moderator: Michael Oppenheimer, Princeton University
  Panelists:Linda Mearns, National Center for Atmospheric Research;Robert Socolow, Princeton University; Tom Wilbanks, Oak Ridge National Laboratory