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Research Initiatives

PIIRS complements its research community program with smaller grants to support Princeton faculty pursuing innovative research aimed at improving the understanding of world cultures and promoting knowledge about issues of global concern.
  • Research Initiative 2015-18
  • Conferences and workshops in international and regional studies are led by Princeton faculty working on a wide range of topics in fields as diverse as theater, environmental studies, and politics. 
  • The Project on Democracy and Development, under the direction of Professors Atul Kohli and Deborah Yashar, is a longstanding effort to promote research and teaching on the intersection between development and politics at Princeton.
  • The Workshop on Arab Political Development, directed by Professor Amaney Jamal, fosters research and learning on the political obstacles and opportunities facing the contemporary Arab world.

Application Deadlines

PIIRS Conference Fund:
September 30
January 17
April 15