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Forthcoming Issues

Vol. 66, No. 3
July 2014

  • Immigration, Integration, and Support for Redistribution in Europe
    By Brian Burgoon

  • Defying the Law of Gravity: The Political Economy of International Migration
    By  Jennifer Fitzgerald,  David Leblang, and Jessica C. Teets

  • Why Do States Commit to International Labor Standards? Interdependent Ratification of Core ILO Conventions, 1948–2009 
    By Leonardo Baccini and Mathias Koenig-Archibugi

  • The Effect of Authoritarian Regime Type on Exchange Rate Policy
    By David A. Steinberg and Krishan Malhotra

  • Securitizing Immigration in the Age of Terror
    By Anthony M. Messina


Vol. 66, No. 4

October 2014

  • Brand Dilution and the Breakdown of Political Parties in Latin America
    By Noam Lupu

  • Are Developing Countries Really Defying the Embedded Liberalism Compact
    By Irfan Nooruddin and Nita Rudra 

  • Trial by Fire: A Natural Disaster’s Impact on Support for the Authorities in Rural Russia
    By Egor Lazarev, Anton Sobolev, Irina Soboleva, and Boris Sokolov

  • Communism, Federalism, and Ethnic Minorities: Explaining Party Competition Patterns in Eastern Europe
    By Jan Rovny

  • National versus Ethnic Identification in Africa: Modernization, Colonial Legacy, and the Origins of Territorial Nationalism
    By Amanda Robinson


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