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Javier Sicilia and Juan Villoro on "Mexico and Violence"

Since the 1994 Zapatista upheaval, Mexican poet, columnist, and social activist Javier Sicilia has been deeply involved in the fight for the rights of the indigenous communities. In 2011, after the assassination of his son, he devoted himself to the peace movement. In the last six years, the Mexican “war on drugs” has claimed more than 70,000 victims. Through his poetry, public speeches, and long-term marches, Sicilia has raised an outstanding voice of discontent and hope.  During this dialogue with Mexican writer Juan Villoro, Sicilia will discuss the relationship between art and politics, the moral challenges of democracy, the Mexican-American relationship, and the quest for solidarity among grief and violence.

Location: McCosh 50

Date/Time: 10/03/12 at 4:30 pm - 10/03/12 at 6:00 pm

Event in Spanish

Category: PLAS Distinguished Speaker

Department: Program in Latin American Studies