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The Itinerant Languages of Photography Exhibition

Story imageEduardo Cadava and Gabriela Nouzeilles, curators.
This exhibition examines the movement of photographs, as disembodied images and as physical artifacts, across time and space as well as across the boundaries of media and genres, including visual art, literature, and cinema.  It features photographic materials from the National Library and the Instituto Moreira Salles (Rio, Brazil), the private collection Foto Colectania (Barcelona, Spain), the SINAFO (Mexico), and contemporary photographers, many of which have never been exhibited in the States before."

See the museum website for more details.

Location: Princeton University Art Museum

Date/Time: 09/07/13 at 01:00 am - 01/19/14 at 01:00 am

Category: Other Event

Department: Program in Latin American Studies