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Kenneth Maxwell and Bruno Carvalho on "Franklin, Jefferson and the Minas Conspiracy: An Atlantic history of imagined nations (1778-1789)"

Kenneth Maxwell (Historian) and Bruno Carvalho (SPO)
Moderated by Jeremy Adelman (History)
In 1778, a compendium of foundational constitutional documents from the United States was published in French. Dedicated to Benjamin Franklin, the Recueil included the Declaration of Independence, a draft of the Articles of Confederation and six state constitutions. This book traveled to Brazil, and helped to inspire a republican, anti-colonial rebellion in Minas Gerais. Influenced by the North American example, the Minas conspirators were in contact with Thomas Jefferson. The rebellion failed, but the Recueil remains crucial to eighteenth-century transatlantic history. In this lecture, Kenneth Maxwell and Bruno Carvalho will discuss their critical edition of this book, published this Fall in Brazil (Penguin/Companhia das Letras).

Location: 216 Burr Hall

Date/Time: 10/22/13 at 4:30 pm - 10/22/13 at 7:00 pm

Category: PLAS Roundtable/Conversation

Department: Program in Latin American Studies