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Ruben Oliven on "The Imaginary of Brazilian Popular Music"

Discussant: Pedro Meira Monteiro (Spanish and Portuguese)

Location: 219 Burr Hall

Date/Time: 03/08/12 at 4:30 pm - 03/08/12 at 6:00 pm

In order to understand the imaginary of modern Brazil it is crucial to analyze Música Popular Brasileira, the songs composed during the first half of the 20th Century. That was a time of significant changes in Brazilian society with the growth of urbanization, industrialization, wage labor, monetization of social life, as well as a redefinition of gender roles. An urban-industrial society emerged and Brasilidade came into being. All these transformations and their consequences were present in samba songs of the period.

Ruben Oliven is Professor of Anthropology at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul in Porto Alegre, Brazil and member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences. Currently he is the Cogut Visiting Professor of Latin American Studies at Brown University.

Category: PLAS Lecture

Department: Program in Latin American Studies