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Mónica Gabriela Moreno Figueroa (PLAS Visiting Scholar) on "Displaced Looks: on being beautiful, ordinary, ugly or insignificant..."

Full title: "Displaced Looks: on being beautiful, ordinary, ugly or insignificant: The lived experience of beauty and racism in Mexico"

Location: 216 Burr Hall

Date/Time: 03/28/12 at 12:00 pm - 03/28/12 at 1:00 pm

Beauty, appearance, and racialised perceptions of skin color, as systems of difference and as empirical experience, are the main focuses of this talk. Moreno Figueroa argues that these notions inform and reproduce each other within specific social and historical configurations of Mexicanness and mestizaje. Moreno Figueroa is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Newcastle University, United Kingdom where she teaches undergraduate courses on 'race' and racism and the sociology of emotions. She contributes to Newcastle's MA in Latin American Interdisciplinary Studies and since 2008 to the postgraduate Gender Summer Course at Colegio de México. Moreno Figueroa's research and publications have developed around three main topics: whiteness, mestizaje, and the lived experience of ‘race’ and racism; the interconnections between beauty, emotions, visibility and racism; and visual methodologies, interdisciplinarity and applied research collaborations. She will teach one undergraduate seminar during Spring 2011–12, LAS 323/GSS 322 Body, Beauty, and Race in Latin America.

Category: PLAS Lecture

Department: Program in Latin American Studies