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Funding Opportunities for Associated Faculty

Summer Research Funding

A limited number of grants will be made available in 2013-14 to support research-related travel for work in, or work focusing on, Latin America. Details will be announced in spring 2014. Proposals for research to be undertaken in summer 2014 should be submitted to PLAS by  April 1, 2014: they should include a concise research statement, a detailed budget, and an indication of any additional project support. Preference will be given to requests by tenure-track Assistant Professors. Grants are for summer travel: they can be used to cover transportation, accommodations, and other travel-related expenses. Funds cannot be used to hire research assistants. Grantees will be notified by May 3, 2014. The customary financial accounting will be due by Monday, September 30, 2014. The Program should be credited in any resulting publication(s).

Conference Travel Grants

The Program will reimburse associated junior faculty members [tenure-track assistant professors] for travel to one conference per academic year (July 1–June 30) to present on a Latin American topic. For 2013-14, the expenses are capped at $1,100 per conference. No prior application is necessary; reimbursement requests may be submitted at anytime during the academic year (these should include a completed, signed business travel expense report, original receipts, boarding passes, and a photocopy of the conference program).