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Examples of Noteworthy Activities

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Students involved in helping to improve race relations through a broad range of activities are encouraged to apply. The following are just a few examples of activities that have been recognized in the past:

  • Coming from the People's Republic of China only three years ago, this student activist stood up against immigrant discrimination. He was a key figure in coalescing school-based and city-wide student groups across racial and ethnic lines to deal collectively with the school violence that escalated into shocking assaults against Asian students.
  • He was from a predominantly white private high school, she was from a predominantly African American public high school, and together they led their schools and communities in the fight against environmental racism.  They organized assemblies and fundraising events to provide information on the disparate challenges that communities of color face with respect to environmental pollutants and toxins.
  • Perceiving the need for his school’s curriculum to reflect the increasing student diversity, a high school senior worked with faculty members in the social studies and history departments, and researched textbooks and college syllabi to develop a course called "Diversity in America."
  • Alarmed by the subtle but hurtful signs of racism she observed at her school, a ninth grade student began writing a column for the student newspaper called "Voices," which brought issues of race and diversity into the open, and helped her community deepen its commitment to diversity.
  • Seeing innocent people dying in her neighborhood because of gang violence, a ninth grade student wanted to help make a change. In an effort to improve relations between Latinos and African American students, she organized a program called "Peace Week," including activities and music during the lunch hour to promote peace and unity.