Bill Burwell '42 gets ready to appear in the P-rade, the annual alumni parade, with Ita, a Princeton junior.

photo: Evelyn Tu


Alumni return for a P-rade June 1

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Any casual visitor to Princeton over Reunion Weekend must surely believe that he or she has landed on another planet, filled with people attired in all manner of outlandish orange and black garb.

But even the casual observer will have to admit that it also looks like the "Re-uners" are having a great deal of fun, and the class outfits must play some unquantifiable role in that experience. If they have anything in common, it is that almost all of them contain some orange and/or black, but after that, imagination and mirth seem to take over.

Each class tries to outdo the rest by using class hats, ballons, parasols, large palm leaf fans and humorous signs. Often, classes returning for major reunions (every five years) bring along a band.

The "Re-uners" enjoyed perfect weather for Saturday's P-rade, which was attended by alumni and their family members, students and the rest of the University community.

More photographs are available here. Yesterday's photographs are also still online.

More about the history of reunions can be found here.

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