FluFest and Cirque de Santé wellness fair set for Nov. 5-6

The University Health Services' annual flu immunization program is "spreading." The traditional two-day University-subsidized flu vaccination program has expanded to incorporate a health and wellness celebration, appropriately dubbed Cirque de Santé (circus of health). Both will run from 1 to 7 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday, Nov. 5-6, in the Frist Campus Center.

Clay Dukes at Flu Fest
Freshman Clay Dukes receives his shot at FluFest.

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Students, faculty and staff are invited to come and get a flu shot at FluFest, and then stay for Cirque de Santé. The latter event will feature health and fitness screenings, free massages, healthy snacks, fitness demonstrations, musical entertainment, raffle drawings and performances by a variety of campus groups. Employees also may drop off their Benefits Enrollment Forms at the Office of Human Resources table, where benefits representatives can answer questions.

"Last fall when University Health Services provided flu shots to 3,000 members of the Princeton community in two days, we realized we had a great annual opportunity to bring many other health and wellness resources to the attention of the populations we serve," said Daniel Silverman, Princeton's chief medical officer and executive director of University Health Services.

The University will be subsidizing most of the expense of the flu vaccinations. Faculty, staff and students will be charged $5 for this service. Partners and children (age 18 and older) will be charged $15. No appointments are necessary, and payments may be made with cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express or check made payable to Maxim Health Systems. Students may bill this service to student accounts (with valid student IDs).

"Influenza (flu) virus can spread rapidly among students and staff and we face the possibility of significant outbreaks each winter," Silverman said. "The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that individuals who want to reduce their risk of contracting flu consider being vaccinated each year. Of those individuals who get the flu each year, a large number may miss important activities or suffer complications including bronchitis and pneumonia."

For more information about influenza or the vaccine, contact Maxim Health Systems toll free at (877) 476-7836. For more information about FluFest and Cirque de Santé, contact Gina Baral at University Health Services at (609) 258-5036.

Cirque du Sante
Ernest Jean-Louis, a fitness instructor at Dillon Gym, leads seniors Dwayne Thomas (front) and Dan O'Brien through an exercise "boot camp" as part of the Cirque de Santé wellness fair.

photos: Denise Applewhite