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Jul-Sep 2000

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Oxford, Princeton, Stanford, Yale to invest $12 million in distance learning venturel; Herbert Allison to head effort
9/28/00 -- Oxford, Princeton, Stanford and Yale universities announced today that they would each provide $3 million to launch their "distance learning" venture to provide on-line courses in the arts and sciences to their combined 500,000 alumni.

Friends of the Princeton University Library offer "Meet the Curator" series
9/28/00 -- The Friends of the Princeton University Library is again sponsoring its fall "Meet the Curator" series. Each event features a distinguished curator or librarian discussing his work and showing important materials he has worked on or acquired for the library.

Curators to conduct tours of Princeton University Library exhibitions
9/28/00 -- Curators at the Princeton University Library will lead tours of these two major exhibitions in October:

Lecture series to address international issues of religion and politics
9/28/00 -- A Princeton University lecture series about the role of religion in public life begins Oct. 2 with a talk on Catholics in China, reflecting a focus on international topics.

Toulouse-Lautrec Lithographs Featured at Princeton University Art Museum
9/26/00 -- "Life at the Fin de Siècle: Lithographs of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec" will be on view at The Art Museum, Princeton University, from September 26 through October 29.

To Members of the Princeton University Community
9/22/00 -- Today Harold Shapiro informed the Board of Trustees that he intends the current academic year to be his last one as President of Princeton. Since he has provided such exceptional leadership for Princeton and for all of American higher education, we will be sorry to see his presidency come to an end. We Trustees now have the responsibility to appoint the best possible person as his successor.

Harold Shapiro to Complete His Presidency of Princeton Next Summer
9/22/00 -- Harold T. Shapiro, president of Princeton University since 1988 and one of the most respected leaders in American higher education for more than two decades, will complete his presidency next summer, after the end of the current academic year. Shapiro announced his plans to the University's trustees this afternoon at their regularly scheduled September meeting.

Angela Davis to speak at Princeton
9/18/00 -- Author and activist Angela Davis, a professor at the University of California-Santa Cruz will speak on the human rights and economic impacts of America's growing prison system Friday, September 29th at 7 p.m. in Wood Auditorium (Room 10, McCosh Hall) on the Princeton campus

Gift creates Liechtenstein Institute on Self-Determination
9/14/00 -- A $12 million gift to Princeton University from Prince Hans-Adam II of Liechtenstein will create the Liechtenstein Institute on Self-Determination, which will serve as a center for research, teaching, and publication on issues concerned with self-determination around the world.

President Clinton to speak at conference on Progressive Era
9/12/00 -- President Bill Clinton will present the keynote address at an academic conference on "The Progressive Tradition: Politics, Culture and History" to be held at Princeton University Oct. 5 and 6.

New Princeton grant will support research on public role of religion
9/11/00 -- At a time when religion is taking a growing role on the public stage, the Center for the Study of Religion at Princeton University has received a major grant to create an interdisciplinary program on the public role of contemporary theology.

Princeton University welcomes about 1,160 in Class of 2004
Academic year begins this weekend
9/5/00 -- Princeton University will welcome about 1,160 members of the Class of 2004 this weekend, when the 2000-2001 academic year officially begins. Opening Exercises will be held Sunday, Sept. 10 and classes begin Sept. 14.

Lecture series brings back distinguished Graduate School alumni
First address scheduled for Sept. 17
9/1/00 --A Princeton University lecture series featuring distinguished alumni of the Graduate School will begin Sept. 17 with an address by Paula Fredriksen, a scholar known for her research on early Christianity.

New grants support research on diversity in higher education
8/30/00 -- Princeton University Sociology Professor Marta Tienda has received two major grants to research diversity in higher education, an issue that has become especially urgent as the courts dismantle affirmative-action programs.

Two major grants launch Partners in Science program
8/23/00 -- Princeton University has received $745,000 in grants to co-direct a program that allows high-school teachers to work side-by-side with research scientists at six universities in New York and New Jersey.

Carillon Concert, Reception to Honor Graduate School
8/10/00 -- The Graduate School at Princeton University invites the public to a free carillon concert and reception, Sunday, Aug. 27 at 1 p.m. in celebration of the Graduate School's Centennial.

Study on chromosome ends may aid cancer research
8/3/00 -- A Princeton scientist has discovered a mechanism that cells use to control the length of their chromosome ends, a process that is thought to go awry in cancer.

Princeton University to renovate Garden Theatre
8/3/00 -- The Princeton Garden Theatre will close today for renovation, according to Princeton University, the owner of the property, and Theater Management Corporation, which leases and operates the movie theater.

"Century for the Millennium" exhibit features 100 treasures
8/2/00 -- The most intriguing treasure in a collection of masterworks on display at the Princeton University Library may be the one that cannot be seen: 1,131 letters written by the poet T.S. Eliot to his secret muse, Emily Hale. The letters -- given to the library on the condition that they remain sealed until 2020 -- are exhibited in wrapped boxes under steel bands.

Media Advisory: Road Closings
8/1/00 -- Princeton University will close the following roads for 24 hours beginning 11 p.m. August 11:

Princeton Professor John Rupert Martin dies at 83
7/28/00 -- John Rupert Martin, an emeritus professor of art who was an authority on the painter Peter Paul Rubens and had a large student following during his 40 years of teaching, died Wednesday night in Princeton.

Statistician John W. Tukey dies
7/27/00 -- John Wilder Tukey, an emeritus Princeton professor considered to be one of the most important contributors to modern statistics, died Wednesday. He was 85.

Princeton scientist wins Volvo Environment Prize
7/19/00 -- Robert H. Williams, senior research scientist at Princeton's Center for Energy and Environmental Studies, has been named a co-winner of the 2000 Volvo Environment Prize.

Princeton neuroscientist wins Keck young investigator award
7/19/00 -- Princeton neuroscientist Joe Tsien, whose creation last year of a "smart mouse" was hailed as a breakthrough in neuroscience, has received a young investigator award that provides major new funding for his research.

Anniversary Campaign raises record $1.14 billion for Princeton
7/19/00 -- The Anniversary Campaign for Princeton -- launched in commemoration of the University's 250th anniversary -- raised a total of $1.14 billion from alumni, parents and friends, with 78 percent of all undergraduate alumni participating in the effort. These results make it the most successful fund-raising campaign in Princeton's history.

Princeton's Index of Christian Art, Morgan Library to catalog medieval manuscripts
7/18/00 -- Princeton University's Index of Christian Art and the Morgan Library in New York have received a $1 million grant from the Homeland Foundation to create a catalog of 1,000 years of Western iconography in the library's collection, allowing researchers to view the manuscripts through the Internet for the first time.

Princeton Conference to Address Race, Women and Film, Sept. 22-23
Actress Halle Berry to give keynote address
7/7/00 -- Actress Halle Berry will give the keynote address in a free, two-day program at Princeton University that examines Hollywood's portrayal of issues of race and gender.

Princeton University Registrar's Office puts transcript requests on the web
Service gives students and alumni worldwide access to transcript request form
7/5/00 -- The Princeton University Registrar's Office has launched a new service for students and alumni: an easy-to-use transcript request process using the Web, coupled with the elimination of transcript fees.