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July 5, 2000

Princeton University Registrar's Office puts transcript requests on the web

Service gives students and alumni worldwide access to transcript request form

PRINCETON, N.J. -- The Princeton University Registrar's Office has launched a new service for students and alumni: an easy-to-use transcript request process using the Web, coupled with the elimination of transcript fees.

The new service gives undergraduates, graduate students and alumni an opportunity to order transcripts from any location if they have access to the Internet and can print out the official transcript request form. Students and alumni may still order transcripts in person, by mail or by fax.

This is not the fully automated, Web-based transcript ordering service due to arrive in October, said University Registrar Joseph Greenberg. "But it's the next best thing. You print the form wherever you are, get it to us, and we respond the next business day." Students needing the transcript request form can get it anytime of day or week from the Registrar's Web site,

The web-based form includes a downloadable list of codes for common destinations, such as medical schools, to which students and alumni often want their transcripts sent. As before, students pay for FedEx delivery.

In eliminating transcript fees, the new transcript request service also benefits Princeton's many students who live abroad. It removes the problems of currency conversions and payment transmittals students abroad have faced until now.

Students may order up to 10 transcripts daily. Greenberg said he wants to maintain a "reasonable flow of requests" through his office.

The launch of this service is part of the ongoing makeover of Princeton's student records information systems. The Registrar's Office, which mails out over 21,000 transcripts annually, works continually to refine the processes behind its many services. In place of the older fee-for-transcript system, transcript-related fees will be assessed as a one-time "administrative fee" to all enrolled students beginning in the Fall 2000 term.