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Princeton offers admission to 9.9 percent of applicants

PRINCETON, N.J. -- Princeton University has offered admission to 9.9 percent of applicants for the class of 2007, or 1,570 of the record 15,725 students who had applied.

This year's pool includes 591 early admissions, compared to 585 last year. The class of 2007 is eventually expected to include 1,180 students, compared with the current freshman class of 1,166.

"From among a very large applicant group of very able and talented young men and women, we made a lot of difficult decisions in attempting to enroll a relatively small freshman class that is characterized by a variety of academic and non-academic interests, exceptional skills and talents, experiences, aspirations and backgrounds," said Dean of Admission Fred Hargadon.

"We made those decisions to the best of our ability, and no one is more aware than those of us on the admission office staff of just how many terrific applicants we ultimately had to disappoint," he noted.

Of those offered admission this year, 34 percent are U.S. citizens or permanent residents from minority backgrounds; 10.5 percent are sons and daughters of alumni; 10.3 percent are international students, representing 57 countries; and 7.1 percent represent the first generation of their families to attend college.

Approximately 50 percent of students admitted in both early and regular decision are eligible to receive financial aid.

This year's 8.3 percent rise in applications was across the board for all categories of students.

Hargadon is retiring in June after 15 years as Princeton's dean of admission and will be succeeded by Janet Lavin Rapelye, the dean of admission at Wellesley College for the past 12 years. "I happily turn over what I believe will become an increasingly difficult responsibility to my recently named successor," Hargadon said.

Applicants for the class of 2007 came from 6,051 different secondary schools, including 933 schools in 117 countries outside the United States. In recent years, more than half of applicants have come from public schools.

Depending on the number of accepted students who choose to enroll, additional offers may be made between now and September to applicants on the waiting list. Last year, Princeton granted admission to 10.9 percent, or 1,585, of 14,521 applications.

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