A Princeton Profile

1998-99 edition; published September 1998

This booklet offers alumni, neighbors, visitors, and friends  a closer look at some of the educational, scholarly, cultural, recreational, economic, and community activities of Princeton University. It is designed to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the University and to provide information regarding many of the resources that are available on our campus.

About Princeton University

The Undergraduate College
    Program of Study
Departments and Programs
    Areas of Concentration
Admission and Enrollment
    Admission 1998: Class of 2002
Awards and Scholarships
Costs and Financial Aid
Residential Life

The Graduate School

The Faculty

The School of Engineering and Applied Science

Educational Resources
    The Library
    The Art Museum
    Computing and Information Technology

Scholarship and Research
    Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

    Operating Budget
    Income and Expenditures, 1997-98
    The Endowment

Community Impact
    Regional Economy
    Expenditures, 1997-98
    Employment, 1997-98
    Visitors, 1997-98
Community Contributions
Outreach Activities

Welcome to the Campus
    Continuing Education
    Events and Facilities

Officers of the University

Trustees of the University

A Princeton Time Line

Telephone Numbers

Academic Calendar

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Nondiscrimination Statement
In compliance with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and other federal, state, and local laws, Princeton University does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, sex, sexual orientation, religion, national or ethnic origin, disability, or status as a disabled or Vietnam era veteran in any phase of its employment process; in any phase of its admission or financial aid programs; or other aspects of its educational programs or activities. The associate provost is the individual designated by the University to coordinate its efforts to comply with Title IX, Section 504 and other equal opportunity and affirmative action regulations and laws. Questions or concerns regarding Title IX, Section 504 or other aspects of Princetonís equal opportunity or affirmative action programs, should be directed to: Associate Provost, Princeton University, Three Nassau Hall, Princeton, New Jersey 08544; (609) 258-6110.

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