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April 17, 2000
Vol. 89, No. 24
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Students write about community
V-p for campus life to come from Duke
Williams wins Pulitzer
What it takes to be President
Admission says yes to 12 percent of applicants
Coming soon: Frist Campus Center

Gerald Garvey, 64, professor of politics

Nassau Notes


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Students write about community

This course offers something few Princeton courses do: a chance to participate in the community," says Iming Lin '03.
    Lin is a student in The Writer in the Community, a student-initiated seminar in which participants volunteer for community programs and write about their experiences. Taught by Lecturer in the Council of the Humanities Kathryn Watterson, the course is offered by the Princeton Writing Program and fulfills the University's writing requirement. [>>more]

V-p for campus life to come from Duke


Janet Smith Dickerson has been appointed vice president for campus life as of July 1.
    Vice president for student affairs at Duke University since 1991, she was previously dean of the college at Swarthmore College.
    Dickerson "has already demonstrated exceptional leadership as the chief student affairs officer at two excellent institutions," said President Harold Shapiro, "and we are delighted that she has now agreed to bring her skills, insights and personal qualities to serve the students at Princeton." [>>more]

Williams wins Pulitzer

Poet C.K. Williams, lecturer with rank of professor in the Humanities Council and Creative Writing, has won the Pulitzer Prize for Repair, published in 1999 by Farrar, Straus and Giroux.
    Repair is Williams's 16th book of poetry. The 40 poems in the collection, which explore such themes as love, memory, social disorder and the natural world, were written over a period of two years -- although some, he said, were begun long ago. [>>more]


Admission says yes to 12 percent of applicants

For the Class of 2004, 1,670 (12.2 percent) of the 13,654 applicants were offered admission.
    Of those 1,670, 35 percent were admitted in the Early Decision process and 65 percent in the Regular Decision process. The enrollment target for the class is 1,166. Last year's admit rate was 11.3 percent. [>>more]



What it takes to be President

New book by Fred Greenstein analyzes performance of modern presidents in six areas of leadership
    Almost 20 years ago, Professor of Politics Fred Greenstein helped change the way historians viewed Dwight D. Eisenhower.
    No longer would historians know Ike as a passive, sleepy head of state. Greenstein's book, The Hidden-Hand Presidency: Eisenhower as Leader, portrayed him as a shrewd operator who worked behind the scenes to accomplish his agenda. Now Greenstein is applying the same sort of analysis to the 11 most recent American presidents and drawing conclusions that are likely to be useful to whomever occupies the White House next. [>>more]

Spring scene

A late snow blanketed the campus on April 9, including the magnolias in full bloom outside Alexander Hall. But by April 10 all traces of winter were gone, and spring was back again, with the flowers apparently undamaged. (Photo by Ron Carter)



    Baseball. The Tigers defeated Monmouth 7-4 on April 6 and Yale 9-0 and 6-1 on April 8. (10-12, 3-3 Ivy)
    Lacrosse. The men beat Pennsylvania 10-4 on April 4 and Brown 10-7 on April 8, and the women won against Delaware 17-5 on April 5 and Yale 16-8 on April 8 (Men: 6-1, 3-0 Ivy; women: 9-1, 3-0 Ivy)
    Softball. The Tigers swept Brown 1-0 and 5-4 on April 8. (13-17, 2-0 Ivy)
    Tennis. Both men and women outplayed Yale on April 7 and Brown on April 8. (Men: 14-5, 3-0 Ivy ; women: 12-2, 3-0 Ivy)
    Volleyball. Princeton defeated Rutgers, Newark 3-1 on April 4. (8-11, 4-9 EIVA Tait Division)