Name: Tim Manning

Position: Media Services technician. Taking care of the audio-visual needs of faculty, staff and students -- setting up equipment, making recordings, repairing equipment and more.

Quote: "I've had a chance to meet fabulous people since I've worked here. I've met two presidents, two first ladies and many dignitaries. I've sat in on great classes and listened to interesting lectures. It's a beautiful campus with a lot of nice people."

Other interests: Spending time with his 2-year-old daughter. Playing volleyball, camping, water skiing and snow skiing.


William Lippincott, dean of students from 1954 to 1968 and executive director of the Alumni Council from 1968 to 1972, died Nov. 22 in Northeast Harbor, Maine. He was 81.
     A 1941 Princeton graduate, Lippincott was known on campus for his sympathetic counseling of students. "His personal qualities of modesty, tact and dignity have caused him to be liked and admired everywhere," according to an article in the Feb. 29, 1972, Princeton Alumni Weekly. "Most important of his personal qualities, however, is the unfailing good judgment he showed in his job as dean of students."
     As he left the dean of students office, Lippincott penned an article for the May 28, 1968, PAW, presenting his view on that generation of Princeton students. It was a time of strife on campuses around the country, including Princeton.
     "...I suggest that they are not a source of discouragement, but one of justified optimism," he wrote of the students, "and we damn well better put our confidence in them, try harder to be understanding of them, take them seriously and listen to them, and, if we disagree with some of their views -- and we will -- be ready to explain why; if we say no -- and we should at times -- give them our reasons. This way we can't miss, and they can't either -- and they had better not, because our future will be in their hands before we know it."
     Survivors include his nephew, Walter Lippincott '60, director of the Princeton University Press, and his niece, Helen Lippincott Jennings of Rosemont, Pa.

December 11, 2000
Vol. 90, No. 12
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Humane hacker
Researchers find Internet glitch that puts privacy at serious risk
Class project brings community history to life

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Bowen honored for groundbreaking book
United Way campaign update
Spotlight / Obituary

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Joint studio with Asian universities inspires students

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Calendar of events

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University lends support to new public library
Discussions under way with Oxford

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Nassau notes
Health plans cover breast reconstruction
ERISA information provided

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