Discussions under way with Oxford

As recently reported in The Chronicle of Higher Education, Princeton and Oxford universities have been discussing possible research collaborations.

Senior faculty and administrators from the two institutions have been exploring possible cooperative ventures in the physical sciences, engineering and mathematics. They also have been seeking ways to facilitate additional exchanges of faculty, graduate students and undergraduates.

"These conversations are still at a preliminary stage, but we have found them to be very encouraging" said Princeton Provost Jeremiah Ostriker. "Princeton and Oxford are similar institutions in many respects, and they already collaborate in a number of ways."

Both universities recently joined in a consortium with Stanford and Yale to work in areas related to distance education. Princeton undergraduates currently have opportunities to study at Worcester and Hertford colleges at Oxford. Graduate students from Oxford frequently come to Princeton as Procter Fellows. Many Princeton faculty members and research scientists have studied or spent sabbatical time at Oxford, or are already involved in active research collaborations in chemistry, physics, materials science and computation.

Ostriker said one area of strong common interest is nanotechnology, a field that promises to provide the next generation of devices for the biomedical, pharmaceutical, defense, communications and information industries.

"Both universities are planning major initiatives in this rapidly emerging field and they possess complementary strengths," he said. "Collaboration in the development of intellectual and physical resources could greatly enhance the quality and breadth of research at both universities, at a time when there is strong interest in collaborative programs in materials research in the United States (especially at the National Science Foundation), the United Kingdom and the European Union."

Biophysics, computational sciences and environmental engineering are other fields where potential synergies exist between Princeton and Oxford. "The precise nature of possible collaborations between Princeton and Oxford is currently under discussion," Ostriker said.

A delegation from Oxford visited Princeton earlier this fall, and a delegation from Princeton is likely to visit Oxford in the near future.

December 11, 2000
Vol. 90, No. 12
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