The American Society for Microbiology has awarded Princeton biologist Thomas Silhavy its 2002 Graduate Microbiology Teaching Award.

The society cited Silhavy for his "exceptional teaching and mentoring" both at Princeton and at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York, where he taught from 1981 to 1985.

Silhavy, who holds the Warner-Lambert Parke-Davis Professorship of Molecular Biology, teaches "Prokaryotic Molecular Biology," which is a required course for first-year graduate students in the department. The society praised the course for its "extensive reading of classic and modern scientific literature" and for the way it "encourages the development of informed and creative scientific minds."

Silhavy also is the author, with Jonathan Beckwith, of the widely used 1992 textbook, "The Power of Bacterial Genetics: A Literature-based Course." He received the University's President's Award for Distinguished Teaching in 1993.

April 8, 2002
Vol. 91, No. 22
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