Lacrosse teammates a triple threat since middle school

By Jerry Price

Princeton NJ -- Many Princeton alumni claim they make life-long friends at the University. Three mem-bers of the men's lacrosse team started much earlier.

Seniors Owen Daly, Brad Dumont and Joe Rosenbaum have known each other since middle school. It's extraordinary to find three teammates and classmates who have played together and as long -- and successfully.

Lacrosse teammates, from left, Brad Dumont, Joe Rosenbaum and Owen Daly have played together since middle school.
"It's worked out pretty well," Daly said. "It's pretty rare that something like this happens. You don't usually get to be with your close friends all the way through middle school, high school and college and have so much success at the same time."

The three have been key contributors for one NCAA championship, three NCAA championship game appearances and three Ivy League titles.

"It's crazy," said Princeton coach Bill Tierney. "I don't know how they still stand each other. Seriously, I can remember when we were recruiting them. We thought if we could pull it off, it'd be a real coup. What I think is really more important than the championships and all that is how they've stayed together and stayed with each other through all the years."

Rosenbaum and Daly first played football together as 10-year-olds living in the same neighborhood in Baltimore. Dumont didn't live near the other two, but he joined them at McDonogh School in sixth grade. At the end of that year, Rosenbaum's family moved close to where Dumont's family lived.

Daly and Dumont began playing lacrosse together in one of Baltimore's top youth leagues when they were in the sixth grade. Rosenbaum was late coming to the sport.

"I played baseball until the eighth grade," said Rosenbaum. "(But) I was terrible at baseball. The lacrosse team only had two defensemen and needed a third, so I switched. I didn't know what I was doing. I started on varsity as a freshman, but that was mostly out of necessity."

Daly started as a freshman as well, but hardly out of necessity. And then there was Dumont.

"When I was a freshman, I was around 5-11 and 150 pounds," Daly said. "Brad was 5-4 and 115 pounds as a freshman. When we were in middle school, I was 5-10 and he was 4-11. His parents joked that I was his babysitter."

Dumont, now 6-2 and 185 pounds, would grow seven inches in one year and begin to make his mark as well. All three played football at McDonogh, and Dumont and Daly also played basketball while Rosenbaum wrestled.

   The men's and women's lacrosse teams will compete against Brown University on Saturday, May 3, in 1952 Stadium. The men's game begins at noon, and the women's game begins at 3 p.m.

In 1999, the McDonogh lacrosse team won its first conference championship since 1939. "We had a pretty good team," Dumont said. "We had a lot of good players who knew how to share the ball and play a team-oriented game. I think that's helped all of us once we got to college."

Daly was the first of the three to commit to Princeton. The MVP of the world under-19 championships the summer before enrolling at Princeton, Daly was a huge piece of what has become Tierney's deepest Princeton class, one in which 11 seniors see consistent playing time. Rosenbaum was the second to commit, and Dumont was third.

"Brad didn't need too much convincing," Daly said. "We tried to get him to come here. I wanted, if at all possible, to be able to play with him in college."

Rosenbaum, an All-America like Daly in high school, had first received recruiting letters as a sophomore.

"Princeton was always in my top three," said Rosenbaum. "I wanted to play for Coach Tierney. The Princeton defense is something everyone knows about. And academically, it's not the type of place you turn down."

The three became important contributors from day one. Daly scored his first collegiate goal in his first collegiate game, played at the same Homewood Field at Johns Hopkins where he and Dumont had played in the recreation leagues. Dumont was a second-team All-America a year ago, when Daly was an honorable mention All-America pick. Rosenbaum has been an anchor of one of the nation's best defenses. Each has had memorable moments in the Final Four.

"We had very high expectations, and I think everyone's done a great job " Daly said. "It's a great class. I couldn't ask for better guys to play with or to hang out with."



April 28, 2003
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