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Dormitory renovation program

The University's dormitory renovation program soon will enter its fifth summer, with work on Witherspoon Hall scheduled for completion in August:

• The program began in the 1998-99 academic year with a renovation of Patton Hall. Blair, Little and Dod halls also have been renovated.

• The program calls for one major or two smaller dorms to be renovated each year -- an average of 150 beds per year. About 30 dorms are expected to undergo renovation over time, with Holder Hall scheduled for the summer of 2004.

• While dorms are closed for construction for 12 to 15 months, the entire renovation cycle actually takes three years, including design, programming and bidding.

• Renovation includes replacement of the entire infrastructure of a dorm, including heating, plumbing, electrical and data wiring. Work crews renew all finishes and repair windows and stone work. Common spaces such as bathrooms, study areas and kitchens often are added or relocated.

Source: Princeton University facilities department



May 19, 2003
Vol. 92, No. 27
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