OSHA ensures access to records


Princeton NJ -- Under a regulation of the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration, employers are required to make available upon request certain medical records and all exposure records of employees who are exposed to toxic substances or hazardous agents.

In compliance with this regulation, the University will provide the first copy of these records free to the employee or a representative to whom the employee has given specific written authorization. The regulation does not require that access be provided to the records of counseling, drug or alcohol abuse programs.

A written request must be submitted by the employee or authorized representative, along with proof of identity such as driver's license or University identification card. To ensure that the proper information is made available, the employee must provide his or her Social Security number.

Medical record request forms may be obtained from the Office of Employee Health, University Health Services, McCosh Health Center (258-5035). Exposure record request forms are available from the Office of Environmental Health and Safety, 262 Alexander St. (258-5294). Requests from former employees must be submitted to the Office of Human Resources, 1 New South.

A copy of the regulation is available for review upon request at McCosh Health Center or environmental health and safety.


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