Group launches Web site, seeks ideas


Princeton NJ -- The Task Force on Health and Well-Being is soliciting ideas and suggestions from members of the University community through its new Web site at <>.

Task Force home page

Community members may contribute comments and suggestions by clicking on the "Ideas & Suggestions" link and logging in.

The task force was appointed recently by President Tilghman to examine University policies and programs that address the health care needs and promote the health and well-being of students, faculty and staff.

In addition to assessing existing programs, the task force is expected to focus on developing recommendations to meet those needs currently not addressed or those likely to emerge in the future.

The new site describes the president's charge to the task force and lists its members and working groups, which include undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff. The task force is co-chaired by Janet Dickerson, vice president for campus life, and Robert Durkee, vice president for public affairs.


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