John Flynn


Name: John Flynn.

Position: Time collection administrator in the Office of Human Resources. Overseeing the online time collection system for the 4,000 staff members and students who use it. Troubleshooting problems with time sheets and initiating improvements in the system.

Quote: "I enjoy getting to interact with practically every single

corner of the University. People call me because they are worried that someone is not going to get paid correctly. I like being able to help."

Other interests: Working on his new house. Mountain biking with his riding partners in parks throughout the tri-state area.

Staff retirements

Effective Oct. 1: in loans and receivables, purchasing specialist Anthony Figlerski, after 21 years; in the Office of Information Technology's support services, documentation specialist Lorette Lacher, after 12 years; in University Health Services, administrative assistant Joyce Offery, after 22 years.

Staff obituaries

September: Donald Carter, 73 (1956-1995, plasma physics lab); Richard Rossi, 72 (1967-1991, plasma physics lab); Peter Smith, 81 (1976-1987, plasma physics lab).