Sal Fattoross


Name: Sal Fattoross.

Position: Director of information services in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Managing everything in the department having to do with technology. Helping students, faculty and staff select computers and teaching them how to use them. Setting up computers for faculty research projects.

Quote: "I think it's one of the best departments on campus. I love the people and I love the work we do. I like to tell people we're trying to save the planet."

Other interests: Traveling overseas. Reading books about history. Attending continuing education courses in computer science. Acting as a Bible study teacher for teenagers at the United Church of God in Somerset.Staff obituaries

Staff obituaries

Current employees

February: William Lloyd, 47 (1985-2004, chemistry); William Miller, 69 (1992-2004, building services).

Retired employees

February: Salvatore Pelliteri, 81 (1962-1986, plasma physics lab); Joseph Williams, 71 (1975-1994, dining services).

December: Lisa Scheil, 80 (1964-1983, library); Marietta Stockett, 86 (1973-1984, library).

Staff retirements

Effective Feb. 1: at the Blairstown Center, data management support staff member Martina Clement, after 21 years; at the plasma physics lab, head of material control Christian Gillars, after 23 years; in the provost's office, vice provost for physical planning and research Allen Sinisgalli, after 30 years.

Effective March 1: in housing, building operations attendant Casper Hammonds, after 36 years.


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