B Y   T H E   N U M B E R S

Physical education

  Fitness Center

Students work out in the Stephens Fitness Center.

According to the Department of Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation, in 2002-03:

• The University offered 206 classes in physical education.

• A total of 3,217 participants took physical education classes.

• There were 885 team contests in intramural sports.

• Some 810 students participated in club sports.

• There were 10,823 pieces of equipment distributed in Dillon Gym.

• A total of 2,086 facility permits were sold to non-students.

On Feb. 9, 2004, there were 1,497 usages in the Stephens Fitness Center (one usage every 37.9 seconds for 15.75 straight hours).

Between March 1, 2003, and Feb. 29, 2004, there were 264,410 usages in the Stephens Fitness Center.


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