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Laura Mease

Laura Mease

Name: Laura Mease.

Position: Educational and industrial outreach coordinator at the Princeton Institute for the Science and Technology of Materials (PRISM). Coordinating graduate and undergraduate coursework. Managing the PRISM Web site. Assisting the director for industrial liaison with publications and workshops.

Quote: ''I love the variety in my job. I'm creative, so I like doing many different things, like Web design, photography and making promotional posters and flyers.''

Other interests: Raising six greyhounds. Hosting a monthly event at a pet store in Hamilton with her husband, Gary, to raise awareness about the adoption of retired greyhounds.

Staff retirements

Effective May 1: in annual giving, senior adviser Robert Van Vranken Jr., after 37 years.

Effective July 1: in geosciences, senior technical staff member Maria Borcsik, after 47 years; in the plasma physics lab, administrator Clyde Goodwin, after 28 years; in the art museum, research staff member Gillett Griffin, after 52 years; in health services, senior clinical social worker Brenda Joyce, after 13 years; in the Office of the Provost, administrative assistant Mary Lavin, after 26 years; in heating, ventilation and air conditioning, mechanic Allen Lovering, after 24 years; in classics, administrative assistant Diane Materniak, after 30 years; in photo duplication, head of photo services Theodore McLaughlin, after 20 years; in admission, associate dean Spencer Reynolds, after 38 years; in housing, data management support staff member Kathleen Stark, after 12 years; in athletics, equipment manager Henry Towns, after 33 years; in building services, janitor Leroy Truehart, after 12 years; in human resources, benefits analyst Karen Weisenberg, after 16 years; in molecular biology, office support staff member Joan Wyckoff, after 31 years.

Effective Aug. 1: in public safety, shift supervisor James Collins, after 31 years; in the Office of the Vice President for Campus Life, Jacqueline Fuschini, after 35 years; in French and Italian, office support staff member Jennifer Guberman, after 28 years; in public safety, campus access officer Betty Hightower, after 25 years; in public safety, patrol officer Salvatore Mistretta, after 37 years; in public safety, patrol officer Anthony Schannel, after 29 years; in loans and receivables, educational loans manager Joseph Zdanowicz, after 32 years.

Effective Sept. 1: in health services, registered nurse Claudette Latsko, after 10 years.