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New satellite data illuminates universe’s earliest moments
Study exposes “movers and shakers” behind the evangelical movement

Q&A with Brandice Canes-Wrone
Labouisse Prize winners to work in Brazil and India next year
Six faculty members win Sloan fellowships

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Service Recognition

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Among those recognized at the luncheon for service anniversaries were Brian H. McDonald, left, a carpenter in the carpenter shop, for 20 years, and Wilburt Jefferson, right, a landscaper in the grounds shop, for 40 years. Seated with them is grounds manager James Consolloy. (photo by Denise Applewhite)


Princeton NJ — A total of 366 University staff members with a collective 7,185 years of service were honored for their dedication March 16 at the annual Service Recognition Luncheon (see article in this issue).

They included:

• one employee with 45 years of service.

• six employees with 40 years of service.

• 15 employees with 35 years of service.

• 31 employees with 30 years of service.

• 91 employees with 25 years of service.

• 56 employees with 20 years of service.

• 78 employees with 15 years of service.

• 88 employees with 10 years of service.

All employees received certificates of recognition embossed with a special copper-engraved rendering of Nassau Hall by Michael Graves, the Robert Schirmer Professor of Architecture Emeritus. Those with 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45 years also received gifts ranging from inscribed mantel clocks and watches with the design of the University shield on the dial to gold pins of the University seal and chairs bearing a copy of the University seal.