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New satellite data illuminates universe’s earliest moments
Study exposes “movers and shakers” behind the evangelical movement

Q&A with Brandice Canes-Wrone
Labouisse Prize winners to work in Brazil and India next year
Six faculty members win Sloan fellowships

Employees honored for dedication and service

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Photo of: Curtis Hillegas

Curtis Hillegas (photo by John Jameson)



Name: Curtis Hillegas.

Position: Manager of computational science and engineering support in the academic services department of the Office of Information Technology. Supervising two staff members who assist faculty members, students and research staff in using computational resources for their research. Managing the supercomputers in the machine room at 87 Prospect St. and high-performance computers owned by faculty members.

Quote: “Having been a graduate student in the chemistry department at Princeton, I saw the need for support for computational work in the sciences and engineering. I like being able to provide computer support to faculty members, students and staff so they can focus on science and engineering.”

Other interests: Singing in the Princeton United Methodist Church choir. Rock climbing. Skiing, swimming and playing tennis with his wife, Hope, and their kids, 8-year-old Fritz and 6-year-old Logan.