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Researchers develop faster, inexpensive way to sequence genes
Warming weather alters campus

Q&A: Book reveals influence of white philanthropy on founding and future of black studies
Opportunities in Tibet open doors for novel doctoral seminar
Study: Methane emission controls can save thousands of lives
Self-invention is focus of course

Playwright Edward Albee named first recipient of Princeton/McCarter fellowship

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By the numbers

University Research Board

Princeton NJ — The University Research Board and its administrative arm, the Office of Research and Project Administration, oversee the solicitation, acceptance and administration of research grants from government and other sources. They also manage the patenting and licensing of discoveries made in Princeton labs. According to the research board’s annual report:

• In 2004-05, researchers on campus conducted $148 million in sponsored research, an increase of $6 million from the previous year. In addition, researchers at the Princeton Plasma Physics Lab conducted $78 million in research funded primarily by the U.S. Department of Energy, an increase of $7 million from 2003-04.

• The largest source of research funding at Princeton was the U.S. government, which provided $111 million toward 705 projects (not including the Plasma Physics Lab). The National Institutes of Health provided $39 million in funding, while the National Science Foundation funded $35 million in projects.

• Molecular biology had the highest level of any department or program in sponsored research funding with $26 million in expenditures, followed by the Princeton Institute for the Science and Technology of Materials with $16 million and the physics department with $14 million. Total expenditures for sponsored research in the natural sciences were $68 million and in the School of Engineering and Applied Science were $48 million.

• The Office of Technology Licensing received 74 invention disclosures from faculty and staff members and filed 50 patent applications. The U.S. Patent Office issued 26 patents during 2004-05 for inventions made at Princeton. The University entered five license and option agreements with companies for the commercial development of Princeton inventions.

Source: Annual Report of the University Research Board and the Office of Research and Project Administration, 2004-05