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Philip Martin (photo: John Jameson)



Name: Philip Martin.

Position: Program coordinator at the Pace Center. Working with undergraduate and graduate students to help them find or create civic engagement projects. Organizing the annual Civic Awareness and Action Series, which this year features lectures and discussions exploring the theme “The Just Society.”

Quote: “I was in AmeriCorps for two years, working on a variety of community service-learning projects in California, and before that I was a high school substitute teacher in New Jersey. I need to have a job I’m passionate about, and working at the Pace Center is a pretty good fit. I’m supporting students who are trying to make the world a better place, and I’m in an environment where I’m constantly challenged, always learning. I couldn’t ask for much more than that.”

Other interests: Learning to speak Spanish and to play the guitar. Traveling.

Staff retirements

Effective June 1: in the plasma physics lab, head of the U.S. ITER project office Ned Sauthoff, after 30 years; in politics, administrative assistant Isabel Thompson, after 32 years.

Effective July 1: in research and project administration, director of funding and outreach services Janice Anderson, after 34 years; in undergraduate financial aid, director Don Betterton, after 38 years; in the Princeton Environmental Institute, program manager Patricia Denton, after 12 years; in dining services, senior food service worker Juanita Green, after 31 years; in visual arts, office support staff member Charlotte Lawson, after 23 years; in dining services, cook Lottie Manley, after 44 years; in corporate and foundation relations, director Norman McNatt, after 10 years; in the library, librarian Janice Powell, after 16 years; in athletics, men’s and women’s fencing coach Michel Sebastiani, after 23 years; in health services, physician Joyce Zissman, after 22 years.

Effective Aug. 1: in systems support, data management support staff member Joan Baran, after 15 years; in health services, office support staff member Frances Edelstein, after 11 years; in the Center for the Study of Brain, Mind and Behavior, research scholar Jack Gelfand, after 34 years; in the library, senior bibliographic specialist Mehri Vesali, after 13 years.

Effective Sept. 1: in chemical engineering, office support staff member Lillian Clark, after 45 years; in the library, senior bibliographic specialist Huifen Lung, after 29 years.

Staff obituaries

Current employees

June: Patricia Holmes, 49 (1982-2006, dining services); Angela Volan, 35 (2005-2006, Hellenic studies).

Retired employees

May: Robert Gerdes, 73 (1972-1998, plasma physics lab); Elizabeth Lapidus, 79 (1978-1992, health services).

June: Dominick Balestrieri, 88 (1944-1980, maintenance); Uffe Christensen, 82 (1956-1990, plasma physics lab); Charles Hamill, 67 (1970-2001, finance administration and planning); Lloyd Rogers, 96 (1959-1975, plasma physics lab).

July: Dorothy Dey, 66 (1971-2002, politics); Kathryn Enyedy, 86 (1966-1983, chemistry); Helen Krauhs, 92 (1962-1982, library); Richard Parker, 87 (1964-1986, utility plant); Kenneth Quadland, 70 (1975-1995, plasma physics lab).


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