Princeton Weekly Bulletin

Volume 92 (Academic Year 2002-03)

1. September 9-15 ... University remembers Sept. 11 by helping with recovery; Financial aid enhancements improve accessibility; Grad apps increase nearly 24 percent, enrollment up slightly

2. September 16-22 ... Chemical engineer keeps her head in the clouds for research; 'Bookscape' brightens literary landscape in children's library; High school students get extensive college experience

3. September 23-29 ... University community reflects on year of responding to Sept. 11 tragedy; New faculty member gets novel welcome to Princeton; Tilghman urges students to become thoughtful leaders

4. September 30-October 6 ... Committee proposes program for four-year residential colleges; Pioneer of modern genetics named director of institute; Carl A. Fields Center for Equality and Cultural Understanding dedicated

5. October 7-13 ... Malkiel: Princeton has 'another extraordinary year' in admissions, financial aid; Biologist Bonnie Bassler wins MacArthur Fellowship; Electrical engineer programs cells to do his bidding

6. October 14-20 ... Research in space-age materials takes off with support from NASA; Rarely shown Cézanne watercolors exhibited at museum; Lectures, discussion mark 20th anniversary of women's studies

7. October 21-November 3 ... Kahneman reaches across boundaries to win Nobel; A study in contrasts: Initial plans revealed for Whitman College, science library; A mug in the hand is worth . . . Experiment shows how consumers make 'myopic' choices

8. November 4-10 ... West spends first fall back on campus with first-year students; Seminars introduce freshmen to 'the adventure of learning'; Princeton architects reimagine world Trade Center site

9. November 11-17 ... Engineers and biologists design wireless devices to unlock secrets of animal kingdom; McPherson: civil War battle provides lessons for today; Packing his trunk for Africa: Ende's new job sustains Princeton ties

10. November 18-24 ... Experiment yields good chemistry for teaching and learning; Psychologists and mathematicians put heads together on brain research; Initiatives implemented for post-enrolled graduate students

11. November 25-December 8 ... Gossman expresses gratitude through book on WWII rescue; University to 'redouble' diversity efforts with dialogue; Enthusiasm for biology is contagious

12. December 9, 2002-January 12, 2003 ... Tuning an organization: Goal is a more effective administration; CARE president, U.S. senator earn top alumni honors; From PowerPoint to P.J.'s pancakes: It's all in a day's work for a faculty member

13. January 13-February 2 ... Scientists map he future of genomics research in new lab; Assessment, planning under way in Grad School; Romeo pays more than lip service to raising awareness of dating violence

14. February 3-9 ... Study: Texas '10 percent plan' fails to sustain diversity; Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day; Melore determined to make the most out of experiences

15. February 10-16 ... Abraham: U.S. participation in international fusion effort builds on success at PPPL; Computer program reveals optimum structure for new composites; Figuring out how the universe works

16. February 17-23 ... Partnership produces sharp 'baby pictures' of the universe; Showalter inspires conversation about teaching literature; Showalter to retire; pursue trans-Atlantic journalism

17. February 24-March 2 ... Princeton joins brief asking court to uphold affirmative action policies; Making connections: Rosen sees changes in Muslim culture up close; International students offer world of ideas

18. March 3-9 ... Long-term collaboration yields cancer-fighting compound; Top seniors, graduate students earn University's highest honors; Update: Sky-mapping survey charts new data about universe

19. March 10-23 ... Architecture students get concrete lesson in how buildings are made; Study: High-density storage of nuclear waste increases risk; George talks bioethics with Chirac amid U.S.-French tensions

20. March 24-30 ... Gutmann examines 'the good, the bad and the ugly' of identity politics; Changing tigers: Gilley trades career in China for study at Princeton; OIT to provide high-performance computer cluster

21. March 31-April 6 ... Greenstein: Bush a 'less sure-footed' leader in Iraq war, despite his post-Sept. 11 growth; Princeton scientists have high hopes for hydrogen; The ants go marching—and manage to avoid traffic jams

22. April 7-13 ... Rapelye looks forward to representing Princeton; Materials institute successfully competes for research funding; Q&A: Are Americans for or against war? It all depends on how you ask the question

23. April 14-20 ... Fundamentals of physics found in the sound of music; Paul Muldoon honored with Pulitzer Prize for poetry; Wild ape population undergoing 'catastrophic' decline

24. April 21-27 ... Orchestra reaches high notes under Pratt's baton; Balancing security and privacy on the Internet; Learning about history through relationships

25. April 28-May 4 ... Shelton tells both sides of story in barrier-breaking research; The price of prejudice: Interactions with minorities can sap mental capacity of highly biased people; Tilghman co-chairs new state economic development commission

26. May 5-18 ... From settler to scientist: Student returns to finish his degree after 26-year sojourn; In tight economy, Princeton remains committed to aid; Library acquires papers of eminent mathematician

27. May 19-June 1 ... Task forces give students a chance at real-world policymaking; Intense field work in Panama transforms student researchers; Ancient Athens provides a model for the contemporary workplace

28. June 2-15 ... Valedictorian looks forward to continuing pursuits beyond Princeton; Latin salutatorian: Mythical fascination leads to odyssey with classical languages; Slaughter advances the Wilson School by reaching out

29. June 16-September 7 ... Tilghman counsels graduates to have courage to take action; Engineering school in good hands with Klawe; Technology center and Muldoon create online poetry initiative