By the numbers

Princetonians in the nation’s service

Three Princeton alumni were selected for key roles on Barack Obama’s transition team following his election as the first African American U.S. president on Nov. 4. In that same election, three alumni won their first congressional terms and two others won re-election.

Christopher Lu ’88 will serve as executive director of the presidential transition team, known as the Obama-Biden Transition Project. Lu will oversee the team charged with preparing policy recommendations, assisting with the selection of Cabinet members and senior personnel, and ensuring a smooth transition to the White House.

Lisa Brown ’82 was named the transition team’s co-director of agency review.

Michael Froman ’85, a classmate of Michelle Obama’s, was appointed to the transition team’s advisory board.

• In Congressional elections, New Jersey Republican Leonard Lance *82 won the House race for the state’s 7th Congressional District.

• In Colorado, Democrat Jared Polis ’96 won the contest for Colorado’s 2nd District.

• In Oregon, Democrat Jeffrey Merkley *82 defeated Republican incumbent U.S. Sen. Gordon Smith.

• The two Princeton alumni who retained their House seats were Rep. James Marshall II ’72, D-Ga., and John Sarbanes ’84, D-Md. Marshall was elected to a fourth term and Sarbanes to a second.

• The other Princeton alumnus in Congress, Sen. Christopher“Kit” Bond ’60, R-Mo., was not up for re-election this year.

• Republican Indiana Gov. Mitchell Daniels Jr. ’71, the only Princeton alumnus seeking a new gubernatorial term this year, won his campaign for a second term.