By the numbers

The Princeton Center for Theoretical Science

The Princeton Center for Theoretical Science, launched in 2005, is designed to enhance research and education in the theoretical natural sciences through postdoctoral fellowships and programs that identify and explore key issues in the field. The new permanent home for the center, on the fourth floor of Jadwin Hall, opened in September.

  • The 9,670-square-foot space in Jadwin was renovated by Payette, a Boston design firm, to create “a vital and supportive common space to facilitate interaction” among fellows and participants in the center’s programs, according to the firm. Each of the 18 research offices for faculty and fellows has a chalkboard wall to stimulate ideas and discussion. There are seven more chalkboards in common areas. At the heart of the space is the seminar room, which can accommodate 100 people.
  • The center has 10 postdoctoral fellows, six visiting fellows and eight faculty fellows who are affiliated with the departments of astrophysical sciences, chemistry, electrical engineering and physics, as well as the Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics. Many of the estimated 140 theoretical scientists on the Princeton faculty also contribute to the center.
  • During this academic year the center will sponsor nine public lectures. Its centerpiece program, “The Big Bang and Beyond,” explores the beginning of the universe and how it relates to cosmological observations and particle accelerator experiments. The yearlong seminar is expected to draw 150 visiting scholars.