Judy Farquer
Judy Farquer (Brian Wilson)

Name: Judy Farquer.

Position: Manager of graduate student awards in the Office of the Dean of the Graduate School. Overseeing the payments of fellowships, stipends and teaching wages to graduate students. Answering students’ questions about payment issues. Administering external fellowships. Monitoring policies for financial support. Working with the Office of Information Technology on developing and maintaining various campus-wide computer systems.

Quote: “Financial policies can get confusing, to say the least. It’s a really fulfilling part of my job to work with students and be able to address their questions.”

Other interests: Gardening. Reading mysteries. Taking cruises to the Caribbean. Spending time with her husband, Bill; their son, Andrew; their daughter, Kim; and their 9-year-old granddaughter, Tara.


Due to an error in a report supplied to the Princeton Weekly Bulletin, Edward Worob was incorrectly included in a listing of obituaries of retired employees in the April 6 issue. He is not deceased.