Wythes Committee Report
April, 2000

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Undergraduate Degrees, 1748-1997

Applicants/Admits/Enrollees, Classes of 1953-2001

Undergraduate Student Enrollment to Ranked Faculty, 1946-1997

Total Endowment Per Student, 1981-1997

Ranked Faculty at Princeton University, 1747 projected to 2004

Authorized Faculty FTE

Comparative Counts of Full Professors in the Arts & Sciences, AY1975-AY1997

Average Age of Full Professors, 1976-1997

Growth of Senior and Junior Faculty, 1974-1997

Percent of Faculty (Minorities), 1970-1997

Senior Advisors

Average Enrollment in Precept

Total University Total Staff by Functional Area, 1980-1998

Major Factors Driving Staff Increases, 1980-1998

Expenditures for Administrative and Supporting Services and Percentage of Total University Budget, FY1980-FY1998

Management of Financial Resources, Capital Budget Policies and Procedures

FY2000 Replacement Value Added for each Five-Year Period, 1950-2000

Ivy/MIT/Stanford Corporate and Foundation Contributions, 1986-1998

FY1998 Corporate and Foundation Giving per Capita (Student)

History of Sponsored Research Expenditures, 1990-1999

Primary Pool, 1977-2000

Primary Pool (in percent), 1978-2000

Table - Operating Budget Income Components, FY1973-FY1988

Table - Operating Budget Income Components, FY1989-FY2000

Table - Operating Budget Expenditure Components, FY1973-FY1988

Table - Operating Budget Expenditure Components, FY1989-FY2000

Operating Budget Income Components, FY1973-FY2003

Operating Budget Expense Components, FY1973-FY2003

Management of Financial Resources, Operating Budget Policies and Procedures

Library Circulation Transactions, Percent Increase/Decrease Between FY1995 and FY1998


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