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In Memoriam

September 11, 2001 


Princeton University is deeply saddened by the loss of its sons and daughters
in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

The University extends its deepest condolences to their families
and friends, and here records their names with a profound sense of loss.
They will be remembered always with honor and affection.


William E. Caswell *75
Robert L. Cruikshank '58
Robert J. Deraney '80
Christopher N. Ingrassia '95
Karen J. Klitzman '84
Catherine F. MacRae '00
Charles A. McCrann '68
Robert G. McIlvaine '97
Christopher D. Mello '98
Joshua A. Rosenthal *81
John T. Schroeder '92
Jeffrey D. Wiener '90
Martin P. Wohlforth '76

At the University's memorial service on Dec. 9, plans to build a
memorial garden
in honor of these alumni were announced.

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