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The Data

Gathering and making available the public data needed for iPrinceton's modules is a collaborative effort between the Office of Information Technology and the University's administrative offices. It is through  partnerships with the Office of Communications, the Registrar, Transportation and Parking, Facilities, University Services, the Library, Athletics, the Residential Colleges and the Graduate School that OIT is able to provide accurate and up to date information in the modules.

Thanks to the Office of Sustainability, Orange Key Tours, The School of Engineering and Wilson College for contributing self-guided tours, and to The Daily Princetonian and USG for contributing student news and events feeds.

The need for data in the mobile project has led OIT to make campus data feeds accessible to the larger community. Developers are welcome to use the feeds, the majority of which are in XML format, provided that they contact the data owners, as some data may be copyrighted or subject to permission for use. We also ask that developers credit OIT and the relevant functional office.