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Student Mail Cost Savings Tips
1. Mail Services will send all qualifying First-Class Mail letter-size mail via
presort service, saving departments approximately $.03/piece.

2. Departments may save as much as 50% by mailing materials in letter-size
envelopes (up to 6 x 9.5 in size and ¼ inches thick) versus flat size (over
6 x 9.5, usually either 9” x 12” or 10” x 13”).

3. Departments using 6” x 9” or 9” x 12” manila envelopes with a metal clasp
on the back for outbound US Mail are subject to a $.20 surcharge from the
USPS. To avoid this surcharge, Mail Services recommends departments use
envelopes without a metal clasp.

4. The USPS highly recommends removing staples, paper clips or other
fasteners from any outbound US Mail. Fasteners disqualify mail for presort
savings and incur USPS surcharges. Fasteners cause damage to mail pieces
when processed on USPS equipment.

5. Written addresses and address labels must be placed or written in the
center of the envelope. The last line of the address for domestic mail should
be the city, state, and ZIP code.  International mail should include the
country on the last line. In addition, the return address must not be
adjacent to the delivery address, and should be located in the upper left-
hand corner of the envelope. Adhering to this practice will eliminate mail
being returned to the sender inadvertently.

PLEASE NOTE: Departments that utilize their own meters are not eligible for presort First-Class Mail service. With presort First-Class Mail service, a majority of the University’s mail delivery time will remain the same.

For general information regarding mailing through the USPS please visit the following: A Customer's Guide to Mailing.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Bill Hallahan
Assistant Director, Print & Mail Services

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